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The health system in Mauritius is satisfying. Public health services are free and accessible to all residents including expatriates.


The island has five regional general hospitals, three district hospitals, and six specialized hospitals.

Access to the medical function is highly regulated. Doctors are competent and trained in Europe, they are often organized in multidisciplinary medical offices.
However, the public health system suffers from some problems, it is sorely lacking in resources and treatments are often subject to waiting lists.

Services in the private sector are more personalized and better than in the public one. Many Mauritians opt for the private mutual because care costs are high in the private clinics.

Care costs:

GPs charge between 20 and 30 euros for a consultation, specialists usually practice in private clinics and consultations fees range from 20 to 40 euros. Dental and optical cares are generally of good quality and cheaper than in France.

Private health insurance:

Expatriates can opt for a mutual health insurance with a Mauritian institution. Most insurers cover the following risks: sickness-maternity-disability, and work-related accidents. However, be aware that the refunds depend on the chosen guarantees.

Social security for the French citizens:

No social security agreement has been signed between France and Mauritius.
French citizens who have stayed in Mauritius for more than three months are no longer covered by the classic system of social security. They can resort to the CFE social protection. FORTIS DARNE is the only clinic that has an agreement with the CFE.

If you are planning to move to Mauritius, we recommend that you take out a health insurance in addition to the CFE which will allow you to take charge of all your health costs, and to choose freely your care facility.

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