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Overview of the health system in Cambodia

The war that lasted until 1975 left traces throughout the country. The health system has been affected a lot. Cambodia has a public health system but without much means. Nevertheless, the private health sector is in full development under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The people of Cambodia have little confidence in their public health system. So when they can, he prefers to choose the private sector, to have access to quality care.

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Should we take health insurance in Cambodia?

The possibility of repatriation

Even if the country is growing economically, injured or sick foreigners are often forced to be transported to other countries to gain access to necessary care. Currently, public health facilities are, for the most part, not up to international standards. It is therefore important to have insurance that supports repatriation to be treated effectively.

Private insurance

Whether you are a traveler, a foreign student or an expatriate, we advise you to take out private Cambodia health insurance. Cambodia has many health risks, so being insured is essential. Moreover, as seen above, the conditions in the public sector leave something to be desired. A consultation in the private sector has an average of € 60 which is accessible but if you self-insure, you may not have access to professional cash.

Vaccine and health

Vaccines and compulsory certificates
The yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for travelers coming from an endemic area.

Vaccines and certificates recommended

For adults, do not forget the vaccines against tetanus, polio, hepatitis A & B, meningitis A & C and for groups at risk: tuberculosis and rabies.

For children, do not forget vaccines against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A & B, (long-stay), meningitis A & C ( long stay for travelers 18 months), typhoid (long stay for travelers 5 years and older).

Local diseases

In Cambodia, the following diseases are common: Amebiasis, spider bites, snakes, fish and scorpions, roundworms, bilharzia, cholera, dengue fever, hepatitis A & B, leishmaniasis, Japanese encephalitis, sexually transmitted diseases, meningitis, malaria, polio, rabies, AIDS, tetanus, tuberculosis, typhoid.

Subscribe GoldExpat insurance for your expatriation in Cambodia

To accompany you in your expatriation in Cambodia, Mondassur offers GoldExpat, Cambodia insurance ideal and suitable for expatriates in the country.

GoldExpat is:

- Hospitalization at 100% of actual costs
Hospitalization must be reimbursed at 100% of the actual costs incurred, it is a real necessity for a Cambodia insurance. The costs of hospitalization are high, it is essential that you are 100% covered in case of an accident.

- Taking charge of civil liability
Being covered is one thing, but being covered for damage on others is another! Imagine that you damage the front of a restaurant in Phnom Penh, you will have to replace or repair it and the costs will be covered by your insurance if you benefit from this guarantee!

- Assumption of repatriation
There are many cases or medical situations where repatriation to the country of origin is mandatory or highly recommended. Where the Thai social security system will never allow repatriation, private health insurance will allow you to return to your country for treatment.

In all these situations and many others, the Cambodge GoldExpat insurance covers you and guarantees you immediate care for a very reasonable price.

When to go?

Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate with temperatures of up to 32 ° throughout the year. The best way to go is the dry season between November and February but also the hot season between March and May.

Visas and Diplomacy

If you are a French national, you need an entry visa for Cambodia. Arrival and departure must take place within three months from the date of issue of the visa.

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