Working Holiday Visa insurance

The Working Holiday Visa or Working Holiday Program is a temporary immigration visa to travel to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil or Russia. Health insurance is generally mandatory,if not highly recommended, to be able to carry out a PVT. Indeed, you may have to consult a doctor or need to receive care (hospitalization, consultation with a specialist, drug treatment, etc.).


How does PVT insurance work?

Like travel insurance, a PVT insurance covers a large part of the risks associated with your health: fmedical, hospitalization, repatriation assistance… Added to these blankets is a liability insurance (in case you hurt a third party while abroad) and death, as well as a possible legal costs (lawyers).

All claims are made online for simplicity. If you need to go to the hospital, consider contacting the 24/7 medical platform directly so that the insurance can directly cover the costs.

What are the main criteria for choosing PVT insurance?

Mondassur offers you different contracts with trusted insurers so that you leave with a light mind.

When choosing your insurance, pay attention to the quality of the services offered, includingsubscription fee, quality of customer service (availability, speed) and repayment times generally. Practiced.

In general, before you sign up it is advisable to check that all the terms of the contract are right for you. For example, you should be aware of any deductibles, waiting periods, exclusions (including extreme sports) and ensure that the contract meets all your criteria (repatriation, civil liability, hospital coverage and costs medical services).

PVT Mondassur Insurance

Mondassur offers you two insurance contracts according to the criteria you are looking for and your destination.

Junior International PVT: insurance with an unbeatable guarantee/price ratio, tailored to the needs of young PVTistes (excluding USA and Canada)

GoldExpat Access : insurance with very high benefits allowing you to leave serenely in any country in the world.

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