Going abroad in IVB

Are you young and want to work in the United States or elsewhere? So International Volunteering in Business or IVB is for you!


It is very difficult for a young graduate to start his professional career abroad. Thanks to International Volunteering in Business, this is now becoming accessible to all.

Created in 2001, the IVB allows young people between the ages of 18 and 28, regardless of their level of education, to carry out missions abroad for French companies for 6 to 24 months. More than 15,000 people have already tried the experiment, of which 6,000 are currently stationed abroad. Travel costs, monthly allowance (ranging from 1100 to 2900 euros) and social protection for IVB are covered by the company.

The United States is the first country to host I.V.B.s where 655 young people are currently on mission. The chances of being hired by the company after a mission are high: 70% of the young people who have completed a mission were then hired by the company, half of them abroad.

The top 3 sectors employing IVBs are banks, automotive and oil and gas. More and more companies are using the IVB because it is advantageous. The positions in IVB are exempt from payroll taxes, the state manages the administrative part…

Benefits for the young graduate, benefits for the company, the IVB is a great opportunity for all. There are also two other forms: IVA (International Volunteering in Administration) and ISV (International Scientific Volunteer). There are no more excuses for not going abroad!

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