Young people and expatriation

These days, young people are more open to the world and no longer hesitate to travel far from home. In search of new adventures and wide-open spaces, more and more people are choosing the path of expatriation.


Easier mobility

In today’s globalized world, international business holds no secrets for many young people. Over the years, we’ve seen the emergence of overseas departures. Whether it’s for an Erasmus study year, a Volontariat International en Entreprise trip, a Permis Vacances Travail experience or a round-the-world trip with friends, there are plenty of opportunities for young people to take the plunge.

What’s the point of going abroad? Acquire new professional skills, meet new people, improve a foreign language, get involved in a humanitarian project or gain greater autonomy. Whatever the project, all departures are rewarding and formative, and provide the young traveler with open-mindedness and adaptability!

Motivations for expatriation

Several studies have shown that many young people envisage their professional future abroad. In search of job opportunities, a better quality of life, higher salaries or simply a taste for something different, many people go to see if the grass isn’t greener elsewhere!
The most popular destinations for young expatriates remain the United States, Australia, Canada and England.

Attention to social protection

If you are going to work abroad, it is important to know that you will no longer be affiliated to the French social security system, but to that of the destination country. Please note that the country to which you are traveling may not cover all health costs. That’s why it’s vital to find out about the various expatriate insurances available, to help you cope with any unforeseen events that may arise while you’re away. The Mondassur team is here to help.

Recent graduates? Don’t hesitate, the world is yours!

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