internship or summer job abroad

Insuring your internship or summer job abroad

More and more students are going abroad for work, travel, internships or semesters of study. According to a 2022 report published by UNESCO’s statistical institute, there will be over 6.3 million international students in 2020, compared with 2 million in 2000. In 2019, China was the top country of origin for international students, ahead of India, Vietnam, Germany and France.
With around 1 million foreign students enrolled in their universities, the USA was the leading host country, followed by Australia, the UK, Germany and Russia.

Find out all our tips for working abroad as a student. But before you do, remember to take out international health insurance before you leave!


What are the requirements for an internship in Europe?

Although it is possible to work from the age of 16 in Europe, it is often necessary to be 18.

If you are European

As a European, you don’t need a visa to look for an internship or small job in Europe. Research should be planned at least 3 months in advance.
Start by obtaining an EHIC from your Social Security office, then take out additional insurance. Then make sure your ID is valid, and you’re ready to go.

If you are not a European citizen

If you’re not a European citizen, it’s advisable to apply a little earlier. Depending on your nationality, you will probably need a visa. In any case, you’ll need to take out international medical cover, as you’re not eligible for the European Health Insurance Card.

Summer jobs and internships in America

Regardless of your country of origin, it’s impossible to enter certain American countries, such as the USA, Canada and Cuba, without a visa. So make sure you find out about local requirements beforehand.

Note also that some types of visa, such as the student visa in the U.S., do not allow you to work in the host country.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information, you can begin your search. Make sure you have all the necessary documents, including your passport and proof of health insurance.

Indeed, insurance is mandatory for entry into most countries, and if you need a visa, take it out well in advance, as it is required at the time of application.

Summer jobs and internships in Africa for students

Many training courses strongly recommend internships abroad, and Africa is an option not to be overlooked. This experience offers a different and highly enriching perspective, whether in the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa or Egypt.

Most of the countries in this region don’t require visas, which means you don’t have to worry about administrative issues. Find out what vaccinations you need before you leave, as they are often compulsory.

In view of the hot climate and differences in Africa, take health precautions. Remember to take out international student insurance, because although medical costs are often affordable in Africa, not all countries offer high-quality medical services. You may need to be repatriated to a neighboring country or your country of origin.

Internships and summer jobs in Asia

Considering an internship in Asia opens the door to learning new ways of working. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to forge strong ties within a cosmopolitan professional network. Destinations such as China, Japan, Korea and the Emirates are increasingly popular with students.

In most cases, a visa is required. This means starting your preparations well in advance. Some of these countries have a high cost of living, and foreigners generally enjoy no special advantages. So it’s best to budget for unforeseen expenses and take out international student insurance. This will allow you to enjoy the experience without unnecessary financial worries.

Important information about health insurance abroad

Regarding the insurance that accompanies your bank card: the insurance taken out via your bank card does not offer you a good level of health insurance, and will not cover you under any circumstances if you stay abroad for more than 3 months or 90 consecutive days.

Your student health insurance does not reimburse you for medical expenses incurred abroad.
So don’t forget your health insurance, so that you’re really well covered in the event of a health problem. Request an international insurance quote online and take out your policy in less than 5 minutes!

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