90,000 suitcases lost every day worldwide

According to official civil aviation statistics, tens of thousands of pieces of luggage go astray every day between airports around the world. In total, this would amount to 90,000 pieces of luggage a day, including 10,000 in Europe.


80% of luggage is found by its owner a few days later, but it is estimated thatone out of every 3,000 suitcases is permanently lost, i.e. if it is not found within 21 days of being lost.

These losses are generally due to misrouting, despite numerous attempts by airlines to limit the phenomenon, such as increasing the size of labels, adding a barcode, and so on. In fact, the airlines are responsible for baggage management, from check-in to delivery on the conveyor belt on arrival.

On the podium of airlines that lose the most baggage is Air France, with 1.4 million bags lost per year, followed by Lufthansa and British Airways, with 770,000 and 495,000 bags lost respectively.

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