Chinese New Year 2020: The Year of the Metal Rat

From January 25, 2020, we will be in the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat until February 11, 2021 for the Chinese. For people living in China and all Chinese around the world, the Chinese New Year holiday takes place over several days. It is an opportunity to discover Chinese traditions and enjoy colorful parades in music. If you are going to travel to China or live in China, think about the right resolutions by taking out international health insurance to cover you in China!

Know how the Chinese calendar works

The Chinese luni-solar calendar consists of a 12-year cycle each symbolized by an animal, associated with the five elements. We are currently in the element of the earth. The year of the earth pig will therefore follow that of the earth dog.

Celebrating Chinese New Year around the world

In China, the New Year is being prepared in advance. We clean our house, decorate the windows in red and cook. On the same day, the Chinese go to the temple to pray for luck in the New Year. They also honor their ancestors with offerings. Are you an expatriate in China and want to celebrate it like the locals? Prepare your home, dress up in Chinese clothes and prepare Jiu-based meals, steambites and Chinese ravioli. Don’t miss the parade, it often takes place on weekends but there may be one on the same day.

It is possible to celebrate the New Year outside of China. Thanks to the Chinese diaspora around the world, it is possible to see Chinese New Year festivities in many metropolises around the world. You are lucky if you live near San Francisco, it is said that its Chinese New Year parade is the largest and oldest outside of Asia. In Paris, it is in the 13th arrondissement that you can enjoy this fabulous show.

The Vietnamese New Year

January 25, 2020 is also the Vietnamese New Year! Called “Têt Nguyên Dan” meaning the feast of the first morning of the year, it is the most important festival in Vietnam. It marks the arrival of spring and the new year according to the lunar calendar.

It’s a day to celebrate with family and friends. It is also important to worship one’s ancestors. This day is synonymous with hope and luck. It is important to pay attention to his behavior and attitude if you are in Vietnam that day. Read our tips for living in Asia.

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