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We'll guide you in obtaining the health insurance you need for your university stay in China.

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China is home to some of the world’s most renowned universities, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University. These institutions offer an excellent education and are known for their cutting-edge research and quality academic programs. By choosing China for your studies, you’ll have the opportunity to study at these prestigious universities, ensuring you benefit from an unforgettable educational experience. Get a free quote for your international student insurance today!

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Cost-effective international health insurance for emergencies.



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How to choose student insurance for China?

Can I be covered by Chinese public health insurance as an international student?

In China, over 95% of the population benefits from public health insurance coverage, but this is mainly aimed at Chinese citizens living in rural areas, Chinese workers and children. What’s more, this insurance leaves part of the medical costs to the patient. As an international student, you will not be eligible for this public health insurance system. However, you will need to take out international student health insurance to meet the requirements of Chinese universities and obtain a student visa for China. This insurance will provide you with comprehensive coverage of your international health-related expenses and other benefits. The most recommended option for studying in China isGoldstudent international student insurance. Get a free quote for student health insurance in China today!

Health insurance for foreign students in China?

For international students in China, there are several options for obtaining adequate health insurance. Here are two possibilities to consider:

International health insurance :

Opting for international student insurance is often the most sensible choice for foreign students in China. The Goldstudent contract offers comprehensive medical coverage and can be customized to meet your specific needs. International insurance guarantees you 24/7 assistance in the event of an emergency, including coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, repatriation and much more. What’s more, your contacts can communicate in the language of your choice, coverage ceilings can reach €250,000, and you benefit from worldwide coverage – an advantage not to be overlooked! Get a free quote for international student insurance!

Local Chinese Health Insurance :

It is also possible to take out local health insurance in China. However, language barriers can make communication with local insurers difficult, and understanding contract details can be a challenge. What’s more, coverage limits and service levels can vary considerably from one company to another.

Do I need health insurance for my study visa to China?

Among the documents required to apply for a study visa in China, aninternational health insurance certificate is essential. This insurance must cover your entire stay and guarantee that you will be taken care of in the event of illness, emergency or accident during your period of study in China. Note that, in most cases, international students will need a visa to enter and reside in China for their studies. You should therefore check with the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country, to obtain all the up-to-date information and documents required for your visa application.

How can I be insured as a student in China?

Once you have pre-registered with the Chinese university where you wish to study, you will receive a letter of invitation that will simplify the visa application process. Then simply define the start and end dates of your stay, and contact us by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp for more information on your insurance options.
You can also get an online quote to quickly assess your options, take out the policy that best suits your needs, and get your emergency contact and certificate immediately. Taking out international student insurance is a crucial step in preparing for your study stay in China. Don’t wait too long, take outGoldstudent health insurance today! This insurance is not only affordable, but also highly customizable. It will guarantee you adequate protection in the event of health problems during your stay, while enabling you to meet the Chinese government’s visa requirements.

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