The different Christmas traditions in the world

Christmas, one of the most anticipated times of the year. Every year,for a few days, the whole world lights up! People become smiling, happier and warmer despite the onset of winter (for the Northern Hemisphere of course).
Not all countries celebrate Christmas, although it is often an opportunity to reunite the family and have a good time.
Among all the Christmas traditions in the world, we have selected 8 often strange, sometimes strange but always magical!


1. Giant Lantern Festival, Philippines

The Giant Lantern Festival (Ligligan Parul Sampernandu) takes place every year on the Saturday before Christmas in San Fernando, the “Christmas Capital” of the Philippines. This festival attracts the whole world.
11 villages take part in the “biggest lantern” competition.
The tradition began with lanterns 50 cm in diameter that can now reach 5 m in diameter. Beautiful, isn’t it?

2. The Goat of Govelle, Sweden

Since 1966, a huge straw goat has been built in the city centre of Govel, shortly before Christmas. This goat has led to a very special tradition, that of setting it on fire before 31 December. Since its existence, it has been burned 22 times.

3. Krampus, Austria

Krampus is a demon that frightens children before Christmas, one of the strangest Christmas traditions. one-penny ©
A bit like the whipping father, a demon-like creature chases children into the streets, frightens them and punishes the less wise.

4. KFC, Japan

Japan is new to Christmas. Apart from the traditions of gifts and luminous garlands, Japan has decided to create its own tradition… Somewhat foreign: Go and eat with your family at KFC!
This tradition comes from a group of expats who wanted to eat turkey for the holidays and found nowhere fell back on the KFC.

5. Saint Nicholas, Germany

Not to be confused with Santa Claus, Nikolaus (Saint Nicholas) travels on a donkey on the night of December 6th. It distributes coins, chocolates, oranges and toys to wise children from all over Germany and especially in the Bavarian region. He also goes to schools, in exchange for a present, the children recite a poem to him, offer a drawing or sing a song.

6. In Norway

Centuries back, locals believed that witches were going out on Christmas night. It is from this belief that their tradition of hiding their broom on Christmas Eve comes. Even today, many Norwegians hide their brooms so as not to be robbed.

7. The Flame of the National Menorah, Washington, D.C.

The Jewish religious festival of Hanukkah is celebrated with great fanfare throughout the United States. Since 1979, a huge menorah has been installed for 8 days in front of the White House, next to the Christmas tree. These ceremonies give way to speeches, music, activities for children and the enlightenment of the menorah.

8. Venezuela

In Venezuela, The Christmas Mass takes a special turn. Indeed, all the inhabitants of the city of Caracas go there by roller blaper.
So steeped in the traditions of the city, the roads are closed to traffic.

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