Obtain an international health insurance certificate

How do I get your travel insurance certificate? You may be asked for a certificate of insurance to obtain your visa or to arrive in the country. A certificate of insurance covering the care of Covid-19 is required in some countries such as Costa Rica or Ukraine.


Why an international insurance certificate?

Depending on the purpose of your stay abroad, you may need an insurance certificate abroad. If you are going to study abroad, your school or university may ask you for this document. You will need a certificate of insurance for some countries. If you live in certain countries, a certificate for immigration is required.

What is in a foreign health insurance certificate?

The health insurance certificate is a document that confirms that you are covered by an international health insurance policy. This document is a proof of insurance during the period of validity of the contract. This is also called the insurance certificate and must include at least the following information:

  • name, first name, date of birth
  • Type of insurance,
  • dates of stay abroad

More information may be requested depending on the purpose of your stay. Mondassur provides proofs that are compliant and adapted to your stay abroad. It may be required to name the various guarantees of your contract including the coverage of medical expenses abroad and repatriation assistance, essential guarantees abroad.

For which visas do you need an insurance certificate?

Visa tourist China, Russia, Mongolia, Cuba… Etc.

To stay in certain countries and obtain for example a visa for Russia or China, it is mandatory to have and justify travel insurance. When you apply for your visa, you will be asked for a certificate of health insurance. Mondassur offersTravel Pass insurance that meets the insurance criteria required by the consulates of these countries for travel insurance.

Student visa or internship

If you are a student, your institution may require a worldwide health insurance certificate. If you are going on an internship in the USA, you will need to have a certificate for your J-1 visa. If you want to study in the United States, it is imperative to purchase insurance for the United States and your American university will require it. Mondassur offersStudent Global insurance,specifically for the U.S. or Student Backup and Student Budget insurance depending on your international insurance coverage.

Visa Schengen

If you wish to stay in Europe, you will need to obtain a Schengen visa depending on your nationality. To obtain this short-stay visa, you will need to take out mandatory Schengen visa insurance in order to obtain an insurance certificate to start your visa application. Mondassur offers its Schengen Visa insurance less than 90 days: Schengen Europe Access. This insurance complies with the criteria of the European consulates for obtaining the Schengen visa.
Long Stay Visa: If you stay longer in Europe and France, a Long Stay visa insurance certificate will also be required for your stay. Mondassur offersEurope Access insurance and will provide you with a certificate immediately after your online visa insurance subscription.

Visa PVT
As part of a PVT, it is imperative to take out PVT insurance in order to obtain an insurance certificate and obtain your PVT Visa.
Retired Visa:
In some countries, such as Thailand for the O-A visa from the age of 50, it is mandatory to produce an insurance certificate for the renewal of your visa, including the guarantees required by the Thai government. Mondassur offers GoldVisa insurance to obtain or renew your resident visa.

Why is it important to have an insurance certificate abroad?

In order to benefit from health benefits when travelling abroad.
During a hospitalization in a foreign country, medical staff will ask you for an international insurance certificate in order to provide you with the necessary care. Thus, the certificate document will allow the institution to contact your insurance in order to guarantee the financial support of the care otherwise, you will not be cared for unless you can give in deposit your credit card …
That’s why, when you travel to a country, embassies in some countries require you to have international health insurance to ensure that your health care costs can be covered.

How do I get your international health insurance certificate?

For any Mondassur insurance subscription, you immediately receive your insurance certificate as soon as you sign up for your international insurance policy. On the simple request for applications for certain visas, we can send you your insurance certificate by original mail. You can start your steps to obtain your visa as soon as you buy your international Mondassur insurance.

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