Funding your studies abroad

Discover new cultures and practice a new language while continuing your studies… It’s a dream come true. But there is the problem of funding. Going to study abroad is planned in advance, as it can be very expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to make life easier.


Here is a short list of scholarships and aids that will help you get out of:

International scholarships

The first international scholarship we think of is the Erasmus scholarship. Aimed at all students who wish to go to Europe, it is the most distributed scholarship in the world. 270,000 students benefited in 2014!

National and regional scholarships

In your country of study, there is probably a scholarship dedicated to studying abroad to encourage you to go and try the experiment in your turn. Also look at the site in your area. Many regions offer scholarships to study abroad. Similarly, your host country will probably offer a scholarship to encourage foreigners to come and study in their country. Indeed, in today’s international context, countries understand the unparalleled opportunity to welcome diversity within them.

University scholarships

Check with your home and host university. In the same way as for national scholarships, universities need to attract international students in order to shine internationally.

Tip: Another option to leave during your studies is to do an internship in the country that attracts you. In this way, you can discover a new culture while earning money!

But don’t forget, studying abroad is just as good with international student insurance!

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