What travel apps should you download before you leave?

When traveling, it’s important to be able to talk directly to the people you meet on the spot, in order to gain valuable information and moments in life. But some information can’t be found on the street, and it can be hard to keep in touch with your loved ones. Here’s a selection of apps to download before you leave, suggested by our partners on the ScenariMages blog, who use them regularly.



  • Your bank’s application: access to accounts, transfers, limit status… Ideal for controlling your budget in near-real time, and so important when traveling.
  • Google Drive: store scans of your important documents so you never lose them: passports, insurance certificates, etc. (storage space up to 15GB)


  • Maps.me: A must for our friends at ScenariMages. The application offers customizable offline cards with pins and notes. But above all, don’t forget to download the map before you get to the country – it’s always when you arrive that you need it most!
  • GoogleMaps : in addition to Maps.me, online maps that require Internet access. GoogleMaps synchronizes with computer bookmarks.
  • FetchMyWay: offers itineraries and available means of transport, with prices and journey times.


  • Whatsapp: a must-have for sending text messages, photos, videos and free wifi calls. Ideal for keeping in touch with loved ones on a daily basis.
  • Skype: the benchmark for videoconferencing calls when text messages just won’t do.
  • Google Translate: offline translation available, just download the languages you need. Beware, however, that the translations are sometimes… approximate or too literal! But perfect for words, for example. Please note that some mobile phones offer access to the photo translation service. You take a photo of a text and it’s automatically translated.

Other travel applications

  • Travel advice: this application is linked directly to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. With country-specific fact sheets, it provides information on safety, obtaining visas, and other useful pre-arrival information.

This list of travel applications is not exhaustive, of course, and many alternatives exist. It’s up to you to choose the travel apps you find most useful!

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