Best places to celebrate Halloween

On October 31st, get out your most monstrous disguises, Halloween is back! Origin of this holiday and best places to celebrate it on the planet, we tell you everything in this article!


Halloween Party

The term Halloween comes from the English phrase “All Hallows Eve” which means “The Eve of All Saints”. But contrary to what one might think, Halloween does not come from the United States! Indeed it is a Celt festival that appeared more than 2000 ago

years in Celtic and Gallic culture under the name of the feast of Samain. On this occasion, to mark the beginning of the new year,the spirits of the ancestors were back in the world of the living, it was also an opportunity to gather around large banquets and to make rites of sacrifice.

Today the festival has evolved, in several countries of the world it is an opportunity to dress up and scare its neighbors to collect sweets!

Countries that celebrate Halloween the most

  • United states

Halloween is very popular in the United States. Young and old dress up and it is quite normal to arrive at the trava il as a vampire or witch! In most families, the tradition is to empty pumpkins or turnips into terrifying faces in order to frighten the evil spirits that might roam around the houses. On the program, parades and candy collections with the famous “Trick or treat”.

  • Ireland

This ancient Celtic country still celebrates Halloween today. On the program, big bonfires, fireworks, traditional Halloween parade through the streets of the capital and tasting of the famous Colcannon, traditional Halloween evening meal! For more sensation, you can also participate in the Bram Stocker festival, named after the famous writer and author of Dracula.

  • United Kingdom

For several years now, the Zombie March in London has been celebrated at the Halloween party. The streets are then invaded by several hundred participants disguised as the undead.
Also called “the night of the nutcracker” or “the night of the crunchy apple”, the tradition is that each family gathers that night to tell each other stories and eat hazelnuts and apples around the fire!

  • Mexico

Early November is the Day of the Dead in Mexico,a way to honor the deceased. Unlike the black and orange colours found in Europe, Mexican cities are adorned with all colours and celebrate the return of the deceased to earth who come to visit their loved ones. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the world, so on October 31st each year, Mexicans honour their departed loved ones during 3 days of festivities and macabre events. According to local traditions, the spirits return to earth for three days. The living then make offerings to them. Customs vary somewhat from city to city.

  • China

Halloween is a time to celebrate ghosts. According to tradition, tormented spirits from hell are released on Earth. To appease them, the Chinese honour them with offerings, comfort food, incense and celebrations. Impressive bonfires are also held in major cities across the country. Hong Kong is considered the best place to experience this festival.

The most frenzied places to celebrate

  • Germany

That evening, Berlin is full of evenings, each as festive as the other. The famous boat of horror opens its doors for Halloween, it is one of the craziest holidays in Berlin. Admission costs 28 euros and it is obligatory to be disguised! Every year, Kulturbrauerei organizes a huge popular ball to celebrate Halloween.

  • Romania

For a memorable Halloween, depart for Romania with a visit to Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle.

  • Scotland

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is also known as one of the most haunted places in the world… It’s also a great place to tremble with fear on Halloween!

  • Japan

Finally, know that one of the biggest Halloween parades is held in Kawasaki, Japan. Every year, more than 2500 people come to parade with costumes more horrible than the others, driven by the frenzied music!

  • Salem

Located north of Boston, Salem was the scene of witch trials in the late 17th century. During the month of October, Salem uses this episode of its history to set a particularly gloomy Halloween scene.

  • London

The city of fog, its intimidating dungeons and the legend of the world’s most famous serial killer (Jack the Ripper) make it a perfect candidate for Halloween.

  • Prague

This city is known as one of the most gothic in Europe. Many places are naturally creepy. You can walk through the old Jewish cemetery, visit the museum of torture or the Sedlec ossuary.

This event has no secrets for you! Want to go to one of these places to celebrate Halloween? Don’t leave without your travel insurance!

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