Good resolutions for the new school year

The start of the new school year is fast approaching, and like every year, you’ll need to get ready to give your best to ensure your success. Because good resolutions are made throughout the year, we’ve drawn up our own to encourage you in this new challenge.


1. Tidy up

Before you start the new year, you’ll need to wipe the slate clean from the previous year, because the most important thing is to start the new year with peace of mind. To do this, you’ll need to clear out your furniture, sort through your old courses and prepare your materials for the new year.

2. Play sports

Studying involves a sedentary lifestyle, stress and fatigue. To combat these negative symptoms , we encourage you to exercise. You’ll feel relieved and be able to start the new year in better physical condition.

3. Taking care of your health

Before going back to school, take the time to have a medical check-up. We are fortunate to live in a country where medical check-ups are free and open to all adults over the age of 16. For more information: see thehealth insurance website

4. Cultivate yourself to better anticipate your return to school

Summer’s not over yet, and you still have time todeepen your personal knowledge. All means are good: tablet computers, e-readers, newspapers, the Internet, but also the good old books still gathering dust in your library.

5. Managing your budget to get back to school off to a good start

Like every year, you’ll start your training with a little nest egg of money you’ve amassed over the years, or from your seasonal work. The start of the new school year brings with it some unavoidable expenses that you’re going to have to manage. To do this, we advise you to take a sheet of paper andestablish your expense items. That way, you’ll have a clearer vision of your budget, and your goal will be to stick to it.

6. Maintain your networks

In your personal life, and especially in your professional life, knowing how to surround yourself with the right people is a quality inseparable from your success. Take advantage of your vacations to update your social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook, Viadeo…
This is important advice for those who will be looking for an internship at the end of the year. Professional social networks are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital society.

7. Perfect your English

The use of the English language is a must, so take advantage of your free time to perfect it. To do this, you can listen to radio stations like the BBC, which offer a variety of programs, but you can (and should) also watch your TV series in their original version with subtitles.

8. Prepare your administrative documents

Depending on your family situation, you’ll need to fill out more or less paperwork to qualify for assistance (CAF – CROUS student grants). We advise you to take the necessary steps inadvance, so that you don’t waste your time when the new school year starts.

We know that the hardest part is complying with all these new resolutions. If you don’t feel up to it, select some and try to stick to them.

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