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Trend: Sustainable tourism

Find out how sustainable tourism can combine the need to protect our health and our environment during and after Covid. Let’s see the new ways to travel internationally! Keep in mind that you need a good travel insurance for peace of mind and cope with the unexpected !


What does your credit card cover?

The insurance that accompanies your credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) is more like assistance contracts that assist you in case of incidents, for a short period of time without offering you very important health coverage and under no circumstances if you stay more than 3 consecutive months. They do not cover epidemics and […]


WHV Mexico – Insurance

Good news for adventure lovers! Since September 1, 2016, Mexico has joined the list of destinations of the Working Holiday Program! Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the culture and way of life of this beautiful country while having the opportunity to engage in paid work. What is WHV? Are you between the ages of […]


The formalities for travelling to the United States

The United States attracts more and more tourists each year. To travel there, you still have to do some formalities. The passport Your passport must be valid for a period of six months beyond the end date of your holiday in the USA. However, if you are one of the nationals of countries that have […]


Travel insurance for visa in Russia

Are you going to visit the Kremlin? You spend a few days in St. Pestersbourg? Are you going to take the Trans-Siberian? To carry out your project, you need travel insurance to get your visa for Russia.To travel to Russia,you must provide a travel insurance certificate when applying for a visa. In this article, you […]


The prerequisites for studying in the United States

Students who wish to study in the United States often underestimate the time required for admissions procedures. Here is a list of important criteria not to be missed if you want to apply to an American university. You must also take out health insurance for the United States. We advise you to choose Mondassur international […]


Travelling alone

Travelling alone means being free, going where you want, when you want, getting out of everyday life, being in front of yourself. This allows you not to be in a closed circle and to interact with the local population, beyond a simple hello. It is a real need for some,but it can also rhyme with […]


The most beautiful places in the world for a hike

Hiking can be done anywhere, but through a circuit in the most beautiful places in the world it’s always nicer! Whatever your destination, travel insurance is highly recommended. Torres del Paine Circuit (Chile) A 10-day hike in this national park will give you stunning scenery. This reserve is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Pink granite […]



Historically very rich, politically controversial, Russia is an amazing destination that never leaves indifferent. You will be captivated by their friendliness and the famous Russian soul, charged with extreme joy and tenacious melancholy. As the world’s largest country, Russia is a land of adventure at the foot of Europe. More and more people speak English, […]


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