5 tips to keep fit after the holidays

When you return from the holidays, you show yourself in your best light: you are fresh, rested and tanned, ready to face the return to daily life. To make a smooth transition, here are 5 tips to stay in shape.


Focus on physical activity

You work in an office and don’t have much opportunity to move? As soon as you can, climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, avoid the car for short trips, so you’ll keep the line!

Keep a healthy diet

In summer, fresh, low-calorie foods such as fruit or salad are preferred, although there are more deviations than usual. Even if it’s not always easy at work, avoid swallowing a sandwich and take your time to eat. Don’t skip meals, it would make you gain weight!

Give yourself a corner

To avoid getting depressed after a great holiday, create a space at home where you feel good and you don’t think about work anymore. Take the time to take care of the decoration, put pictures and candles in it and rest there, you will feel almost as good as on holiday.

Sleep more

On holiday, it is easier to make the fat morning and respect its night rhythm. Back from vacation, organize yourself so you can go to bed early: prepare meals in advance, postpone the less urgent tasks at the weekend, don’t watch over the TV, you’ll save time!

Be positive!

Life isn’t just about work or family hassles. In the street, smile at a child or stranger; at work, take a break, drink coffee or stretch; at home, take a relaxing bath or order sushi. Life is made of small happiness, just find them!

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