Young people going abroad after school

Young graduates are more likely to move abroad once they have completed their studies. But why do they want to leave?


In France, according to a recent survey, one in four young people finds their first job abroad,the first reason being the difficulty of finding a job. Young French people look for a job for an average of 15 weeks before finding one, knowing that some never get an interview. Their favourite destinations are Great Britain and Germany.

It should be noted that, normally, young people from high school diplomas manage to find work, which makes these graduates the best off unemployment!

This phenomenon of expatriation is very present throughout the European area,especially for countries in a difficult economic situation such as Spain or Italy.

It is of course easier for young Europeans to be mobile in the European area with the many European programmes like Erasmus and the fact that they do not need a visa to work all over Europe!

Opinion Way survey conducted from 7 to 12 November 2013 among 505 young people aged 18 to 34, using the quota method.

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