French students get away from it all for the start of the school year

The summer vacations are over, at least as far as most students are concerned. It’s time to put on your uniform and pack your backpack – today is back-to-school time! But what are our students doing back to school?


French abroad

Some of these young people – one in three to be precise, according to recent figures – have theopportunity to go abroad for their first year. It’s a practice that has now become commonplace among students following long courses at business schools, engineering schools or even universities. In 2017, almost all schools included a compulsory stay abroad in their curriculum to enable their students to graduate.

Among the 33% of young people who are lucky enough to be able to go abroad, the majority (44%) leave for an internship or an Erasmus experience, for an average stay of 6 months. Others opt for long stays of a year or more to complete their training. The remaining 25% try their luck on the foreign job market. Perhaps the start of a fine international career.

Europe still the favorite

Europe has long been the destination of choice for students going abroad for work experience. Among the countries preferred by students for Erasmus, internships or studies, the United Kingdom comes first, followed by Spain and, last on the podium, Germany, which welcomes some 4,218 French students every year. In recent years, Asia has also come into its own, with flagship destinations such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

Going international

Today, it’s essential for every young person to gain experience abroad to enhance their career prospects. Unfortunately, not all young people are equally well off. Some schools offer full support in setting up an international project, but most schools and universities don’t have the time or resources to do so. Comprehensive, innovative support solutions are available to help students structure their projects, and to help schools manage this vital aspect.

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