Which school to choose for my children in London?

Before you move toLondon, you will have to make important choices, such as choosing your health insurance inLondon, the neighbourhood where you live or your children’s school…


A thought to be done even before you leave

The choice of school is always one of the first concerns of expatriate families when they move to London. The choice of an education is unique and unique to each of them and in order to be able to orient themselves, it is necessary to research and know all possible scenarios, to understand the characteristics related to each mode of schooling proposed in London. They are numerous and varied, now more accessible, and generally open to bilingualism. French, English, bilingual or international school, which system would be best for your child?

The French school system in London

If you want to stay in the French system, you can benefit from a varied offer that has grown considerably in recent years and makes London a unique place. Four schools, each offering a bilingual project in their own way, opened their doors in the space of 7 years. As a result, the number of places for students has increased considerably. How English and French are taught, what project for the school, what subjects are taught in English, are all questions that arise to you.

State Schools and Independent Schools in London

Alternatively, take advantage of London to enrol your child in one of the many public or private English schools to allow him to learn English in immersion, confront him with another culture and benefit from a rewarding education personal development, autonomy, self-confidence. The English system can seem quite complex, very heterogeneous in terms of academic level depending on the school and expensive if you opt for the private sector. That’s why, to choose a good school, you need above all: to clearly determine your goal and your means, to know what values you want to pass on to your child, and also to have the right decision-making tools such as reports. OFSTED or ISI for example.

Choosing an international school

To complete this panorama, why not opt for an international school? These institutions, which are taught in English, will prepare your child for the International Baccalaureate program in primary and/or secondary school, and make it an asset to enter American and Anglo-Saxon universities.

These are opportunities that raise many questions and deserve to be presented objectively and thoroughly to allow you to Find THE right school that best suits your child as well as your family situation, depending on your length of expatriation in London, place of residence in London, budget, children’s aspirations. That’s why the site avenuedesecoles.com accompanies you in this choice. Very active on the ground, in regular contact with the actors who matter in the educational environment in London, with the latest news in English and French education, we are able to answer all the questions you have Ask. We also guide you in choosing your after-schools or selecting a holiday camp in the English territory on a human scale and suitable for your children.

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