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Tips on becoming a new expat

Expatriation is an important and often complex stage in a person’s life. Whether for professional or personal reasons, or both, moving abroad involves a great deal of preparation and adjustment. This article will guide you through the key steps to a successful expatriation, focusing on the importance of adequate health insurance, such as Mondassur medical cover, to guarantee your peace of mind and security in your new country of residence.


Professional preparation

Before you leave, make sure that all legal aspects concerning your employment abroad are settled. This includes obtaining a valid work permit, without which it would be impossible to engage in paid employment. Find out how to obtain this document, as each country has its own regulations.
An international driving license may also be necessary, especially if you’re moving outside the European Union. This indispensable tool will make your daily life and travel easier.
It’s also a good idea to contact the French consulate as soon as you arrive, to register with the register of French nationals established outside France. This will make it easier for you to obtain official documents such as a new passport and various certificates, and enable you to take part in French elections from abroad.

How do you organize your daily life as a new expat?

Being informed is the key to a successful installation. Use the Internet, advice from friends and local resources to find accommodation, enroll your children in suitable schools, and familiarize yourself with essential services in your new home.
If you’re moving with a pet, find out about the formalities specific to the host country, and have a veterinarian draw up all the necessary vaccination and health certificates.
Investing in local life is just as important for successful integration. Joining expatriate associations or networks can help you make new friends and discover the best things to do in your new city. A simple invitation to your neighbors for an aperitif can open the door to valuable social relations.

Do I need health insurance as a new expat?

One of the most important preparations before you leave is to make sure you have adequate medical coverage. Healthcare systems vary widely from country to country, and without international health insurance, you could find yourself facing exorbitant medical costs in the event of illness or accident.
Mondassur, the international health insurance specialist, offers tailor-made solutions for every situation. Whether you’re going abroad on your own, with your family, for a short time or to settle in for the long term, Mondassur offers free quotes tailored to your specific needs and country of destination.

What health insurance should I take out as a new expat?

When you embark on an expatriate adventure, one of the most important questions you’ll have to answer is how to take out the right health insurance for your new life abroad. In this context, it is strongly recommended to choose an insurance policy specifically designed for the needs of expatriates. GoldExpat coverage is a wise choice for several reasons.
GoldExpat offers three health insurance options to suit different needs and budgets: GoldExpat Access, GoldExpat Safe, and GoldExpat Premium. Each of these options offers different levels of coverage and ceilings, allowing you to tailor your plan to your specific healthcare needs.
The choice of option will depend on a number of factors, including your health needs, your age, your destination and the duration of your expatriation. Costs also vary according to these criteria. Get a free quote now and find out more about the different rates!
Choosing health insurance with Mondassur means opting for comprehensive coverage that gives you peace of mind in your daily and professional life abroad. From routine medical consultations to hospital emergencies and specialist care, you’ll be covered wherever your expatriate adventure takes you.
Expatriation is a rewarding adventure, but one that requires meticulous preparation. Between the administrative formalities, the practical organization of your new life and the guarantee of appropriate health cover, there’s a lot to think about. By following these tips and choosing a reliable, comprehensive health insurance plan like GoldExpat, you’re putting all the chances on your side for a serene and successful expatriation.

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