Opening your business abroad: getting ready

We all know a person who has decided to leave everything to settle abroad. With your business idea behind your head, you too are seriously thinking about it!

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Leaving your job and moving abroad is a decision not to be taken lightly. You have your reasons to leave the country: flee the economic crisis, discover another country, another culture, invest or simply want to make a fresh start…

We give you some tips before we take the big step.

Make sure you have a viable project

Expatriation is not just for employees. You and your project are equally concerned. Just think about taking into account that you are taking more risks than expatriates in companies that will keep their jobs safe.
Before you go into the unknown, make sure your project holds up. Your business plan must be impeccably realized, because new country necessarily means new market.

Analyzing local expectations

Even if you feel that your project is holding up and that it would be a hit in France, you need to make sure of the potential and impact of your project in the chosen destination. Each country has its ownhabits and you have to adapt your project to please the local population.

Choosing your destination

Of course, it is better to choose a country that you like, in a tourist city or economically interesting for your activity. But not that.
Choose a destination where you already master the language, or at least communication will not hinder and where you feel that learning the language will not be complicated for you.
According to the World Bank, here is a list of the best countries to start in 2015:

Learn about the country’s legal documentation

Learning about current economic, social, and tax legislation is not the most exciting part of your project, but it is essential! So, no negligence, find out about local regulations: legal statutes, devices, legal obligations, administrative procedures…

Not to mention all the information necessary for your personal life on the spot, such as: social protection, various taxes, retirement and even the schooling of your children.

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