Expats in Southeast Asia

More and more people are moving to Southeast Asia in search of a better quality of life. This area is now one of the most sought after for expatriation. Some of the most popular countries are Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and of course China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.


The first choice of expatriates is Singapore in particular because it offers higher wages than in other countries in the region. As a result, 54 of expatriates’ annual salaries are more than $200,000. The possibility of access to luxury and Western products also affects the choice of expatriates. Then there are Thailand and Bermuda. Of course, China also remains at the top of the list, offering advantageous economic opportunities to foreign companies establishing themselves on its territory. According to the latest figures from the consular authorities, an estimated 44,000 French expatriates in China.

Despite the quality of life and the financial benefits of South-East Asia, cultural differences are causing some difficulties for Westerners to settle in this region.

If you too plan to leave for this region, prepare for the culture shock and think about your medical insurance, you and your family!

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