Doing business in Japan

The land of the rising sun, which the Chinese economic miracle tends to make us forget, remains a land of opportunity. Japan is now the world’s 3rd largest economy, and the GDP of the Tokyo region is equal to that of England! The country has been in a dynamic phase since Prime Minister Abé came to power. The French enjoy a very good image in Japan.


Here are a few tips for entrepreneurs interested in Japan:

Be patient and meticulous

Japan is a country where decision-making is collegial, and therefore slow. The Japanese don’t like improvisation, and carry out rigorous analyses of every problem. Be patient, precise, committed and attentive to your partners and customers. Japan is the land of zero defects and service.

Build your network

The French have a strong presence in Japan (10,000 people and over 600 companies). With the support of this dynamic community, you’ll have every chance of success.

Locate your company in the CCIFJ business center

The CCI France-Japan welcomes SMEs and representatives of French groups who want to try their hand at the Japanese adventure, by offering “turnkey” hosting solutions. The CCIFJ also offers you the benefit of its expertise, reliability and network to help you establish yourself in the country over the long term.

With these few tips, you should be all set for your expatriation to Japan! But don’t leave home without your expatriate insurance!

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