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How to manage the distance with your loved ones when you are abroad?

Going abroad can be a rewarding experience, but it often means being away from family and friends. Whether for studies, a job or simply to discover new horizons, managing the distance with loved ones can sometimes be difficult. Here are some tips to better manage the distance and stay connected with loved ones when you’re […]


10 good reasons to move abroad

Figures from a recent study show that expatriation has become a normal part of the mobility landscape. Indeed, as many as 230 million people living in a country other than their own. If you too are on the move, that expatriation tempts you but you do not dare to cross the line, then we give […]


Jobs to work abroad

Why not combine travel and work? There are many jobs that allow you to travel to the 4 corners of the world. Those who practice regularly are called globetrotters or nomads. It’s never too late to try… Here is a list of these trades in all sectors of activity.


Going abroad with e-learning platform Edubravo

Are you a student, professional or tourist and would like to have international professional experience? Have you always dreamed of living abroad,learning a new language, joining a team and working in the country of your dream? Edubravo is your platform to support you in international mobility! Choose your Premium offer and receive expert advice from […]


World tour of Easter traditions

For foreign travellers or expatriates, it is always very interesting to observe or participate in the celebrations of your country of destination or adoption in order to better understand its culture. … Customs and traditions remain specific to each country. For Easter what do other countries do? It’s time to discover customs around the world! […]


How to become a teacher abroad?

Want to go abroad to teach? Some mandatory dates must be respected and it is essential to have international health insurance sometimes even to obtain a visa.


How do CFE refunds work?

How do reimbursements of health expenses abroad work with the CFE? What are the waiting periods of the CFE? Is it useful to subscribe to a complementary CFE? Understand everything about the operation of the CFE and your next refunds.


Expatriation in Australia and Canada

Are you tempted by expatriation? Are you hesitating between Australia, the land of the kangaroos or Canada, the land of the maple leaf? This article can help you to see a little more clearly on the lifestyles, health system… of these two countries. A different climate between Australia and Canada In Australia, the sun shines […]


Where to spend your Christmas holidays?

For some, Christmas is the opportunity to get together with family around a good meal, to watch the great classics on TV… For others, Christmas is more about holidays to be used to discover new Horizons. Is this your case? Mondassur has prepared a selection of the 10 best destinations for you to spend Christmas! […]


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