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Schooling for expatriate children

The expatriation of parents to a foreign country inevitably raises the question of the schooling of children. What school to choose for your children when living in a foreign country?


Brexit: living in France for the British

Since Brexit was formalised, many Britons have chosen to move to France. These new expatriates then find themselves immersed in a new country, which, although not far away, remains different. So what to do to come to France for a Briton? How do I stay in France? Which French region to choose? How do I […]


Is it better to buy ACA Compliant Insurance or expat insurance in the USA?

Choosing between international health insurance and U.S. health insurance If you work in a company with more than 50 employees, chances are you don't have a choice and are forced to take out your company's insurance. If you are employed by a smaller company or are self-employed or are an international student, you will have [...] More

Why do I need an insurance abroad ?

Medical costs abroad are often much higher overseas specially if your local government healthcare insurance does not cover you abroad.It’s important to make sure you benefit from the right travel insurance, student insurance or expat insurance when going overseas for a variety of reasons : Financial risk Health costs vary widely from country to country […]


10 tips for choosing your expat insurance

Among the multitude of health insurance offers for expatriates, you do not know which contract to take out? We give you 10 tips to choose your expat insurance! You can also ask for an online quote for an expat health insurance. 1. Take stock of your health needs Are you going alone or with your […]


How do I make friends on site as an expatriate?

Recent surveys show that expatriates are easily able to create a friendly network in their host country with locals.Leaving your country to move to another is not always an easy choice, especially for those who do not have ties in their new host country. Whatever the motivations that lead you to move to another country,and […]


The Obamacare Act Under Trump

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has said he will implement fundamental changes to the U.S. health insurance system. What is the Obamacare Act? The Obamacare Act, or Affordable Care Act -ACA,championed and enacted by Barack Obama, made health insurance mandatory for all Americans with a few exceptions. Beneficial for some, however, the law has […]


Brexit: consequences for students

No one has complete control over the direct consequences of Brexit at the moment, even though Theresa May seems strict about the flow of Migrants from Europeans to Britain. “The UK is an open and tolerant country, but the message from the people has been very clear: Brexit must control the number of Europeans coming […]


Learning English in the United States

What better place to learn English than in the “country where anything is possible”? Every year, tens of thousands of students go to the United Statesto learn English. Studying at an American university becomes accessible to all: high school students, students, recent graduates. Whether it’s an apprenticeship, a development, a language trip or a rewarding […]


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