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What insurance is required for the VITEM XIV digital nomad visa?

You are a digital nomad and would like to obtain the VITEM XIV digital nomad visa. Medical insurance is mandatory for your file.
The Digital Nomad Visa, also known as VITEM XIV, is a Brazilian visa designed for foreigners who wish to work remotely, as digital nomads, without having a formal employment relationship in Brazil. In this article, we present the essential information on this visa, its requirements, its usefulness and important health insurance considerations. Find out how to bring your remote working project to life from Brazil. But before you go any further… don’t forget to take out health cover for Brazil!

Do I need travel insurance or medical coverage to obtain VITEM XIV?

You must have health insurance for Brazil for a period of at least one year to satisfy one of the conditions for obtaining VITEM XIV.
If you cannot provide proof of international insurance, you will be refused entry to Brazil. What’s more, the private healthcare system offers quality care, but at high cost. In the event of a health problem, you’ll have to cover the costs yourself, if you don’t have international health insurance!
What’s more, if you need treatment that isn’t available locally, health cover guarantees repatriation to your country of origin, where such care is available.

What health insurance do I need to travel to Brazil?

Our health insurance policy for Brazil is particularly suitable whether you’re planning to stay for a few months or settle down for longer. It offers comprehensive protection in the event of illness or accident in Brazil, as well as anywhere else in the world you may find yourself. Premiums for GoldStart cover can start from as little as €44 per month,
What’s more, as long as it covers the entire period of the stay, it’s perfectly suited to VITEM XIV. It offers cover up to a ceiling of €300,000 to give you maximum security in case of need. Get a free quote for health insurance in Brazil today!

What cover is required for nomadic health insurance in Brazil?

To obtain a Brazilian visa, applicants must provide proof of adequate health insurance, essential for access to quality care on site. A high ceiling is recommended given the high cost of medical care in Brazil, including emergencies, hospitalization and repatriation. GolStart Nomad insurance from Mondassur meets these needs, while offering additional benefits for optimum financial management and medical protection during your stay, with assistance available 24/7.
Having the right medical cover is crucial when visiting Brazil, due to the high cost of healthcare. Medical consultations can sometimes cost up to 180 euros, while hospitalization for serious cases can cost several thousand dollars. Without adequate insurance, these expenses can take a heavy toll on your budget. You may also need medical care more than once, rapidly increasing the total cost.

How do I apply for VITEM XIV?

The Digital Nomad Visa application must be submitted by post, and it’s important to start the process several days before your planned travel date. You will need to provide a series of documents, including:

– Completed application form
– A valid passport with at least two empty pages
– Proof of airline reservation
– Proof ofhealth insurance valid in Brazil
– A recent ICAO photo
– A copy of the employment or service contract
– A birth or marriage certificate
– Certificate of clean criminal record

More details are available on the Brazilian government website.
Visa application fees vary according to the applicant’s nationality, but generally amount to €110 for most countries.
The standard processing time for the Visa Nomade Numérique is at least 15 working days. But this may take longer if consultations are required with the Brazilian authorities. It’s best to submit your application at least one month before your planned departure date.

What are the financial requirements for VITEM XIV?

To qualify for the Digital Nomad Visa, you must have a minimum monthly income of $1,500 from foreign sources, or bank funds of at least $18,000. These funds will be used to cover your expenses during your stay in Brazil.
These funds are not intended to cover your medical expenses. You should therefore set aside a specific budget for your healthcare expenses. However, to avoid having to allocate additional resources, take out international health insurance that will cover you in case of need.

What languages are accepted for visa documents?

For the VITEM XIV application, documents in Portuguese, French, Spanish and English are accepted without translation. However, if your documents are in another language, you’ll need to have them translated into Portuguese by a sworn translator.
Please note that when you arrive in Brazil, you’ll need to present a certificate ofhealth insurance in English, Spanish or Portuguese only.

What about tax obligations for VITEM XIV holders?

Currently, holders of temporary visas such as the VITEM XIV are considered tax non-residents in Brazil for their first 183 days of actual physical presence in the country. However, after this period, they may be considered Brazilian tax residents and therefore subject to local taxes. We recommend that you consult local tax experts for more precise information.
VITEM XIV in Brazil opens the door to a unique adventure, where work and discovery go hand in hand. Make sure you plan your trip well, comply with visa requirements and take out appropriate health insurance to make the most of this experience.

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