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For its June 2018 issue, l’Echo magazine devotes a page to health insurance in the UK and our GoldExpat expatriate insurance.


ECHO Magazine, for expatriates in London

ECHO Magazine is an allophone (French language published in the UK) magazine aimed at French-speaking families living in London. Its aim is to provide readers with practical information on life and activities. ECHO provides information on education, health and lifestyle for French expats in London.

Health insurance in the UK

Article explains how the UK health service worksIt also shows the difference between English private health insurance and international health insurance. “It also explains the difference between English private health insurance and international health insurance. It states: “With an international health insurance policy, you can seek medical treatment outside the UK, particularly in France. You can also consult private GPs or specialists, without having to go through the NHS. You can include maternity, dental, optical, pharmacy and chronic disease cover”.

GoldExpat insurance for London

To be able to live in London with peace of mind, it’s essential to take out UK health insurance. The article continues, “TakingMondassur’s GoldExpat internationalinsurance as an example, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy. He cites hospitalization cover at 100% of actual costs, choice of doctor and specialist, repatriation cover and third-party liability cover. GoldExpat is an insurance policy for expatriates and French nationals living in London.

L’ECHO Magazine

“Do you live in London?

Would you like to discover and enjoy all that this city and its people have to offer?

Do you love culture, nature and the art of living?

Are you looking for information on practical life, education or health?

ECHO Magazine is for you! This is a bimonthly magazine, so you can receive it every two months, thanks to an annual subscription. You can find articles about life in London on L’ECHO. You can also consult back issues of ECHO online.

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