A profile of French expatriates abroad

Every year, more and more French people are moving abroad. Thanks to a study carried out by the IPSOS polling institute in October 2015, together we’re going to find out what motivated them to leave, but also what still ties them to their home country.


The typical profile of a French expatriate abroad

The majority are aged between 26 and 59 (76%), but there is also a significant proportion over 60 (21%). They are mainly expatriates in North America (20%). 74% are employed, i.e. actually working in their country of expatriation as employees, self-employed, etc. Contrary to what might have been expected, 67% of the working population found work locally. Only 14% were sent there by their French employer.

In terms of length of stay, 74% have been living in their country of expatriation for more than 6 years (including 28% for more than 20 years).
After so many years spent abroad, we can legitimately question their attachment to their country of origin, France.

French expatriates’ ties with their home country

The feeling of missing France remains mixed: 55% say they don’t miss France at all or not at all. But returns to France remain frequent (78% return at least 1 time a year), mainly to reunite with family (78%).

Expatriates’ return to France: mixed feelings

French expatriates are perfectly divided on the subject of their return to France. 50% are thinking of returning to France. Of these, 42% say they are worried but not sad (only 3%). But all agree (94%): French expatriates should bring their experience back home, as it is seen as potentially beneficial to the country.

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