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Travel to Senegal for new experiences and a different approach to this West African country. Enjoy an unforgettable cruise stopover in Dakar, Senegal's bustling capital.

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Senegal is a captivating country in West Africa, offering a diversity of urban and natural landscapes of great beauty. To make the most of your stay, discover our list of must-sees! And don’t forget to take out travel insurance for peace of mind. Indeed, adequate health cover will help you avoid financial and legal problems in the event of an incident. Our team at Mondassur is here to help you choose your Senegal travel insurance and advise you on the various options available on the market, so you can find the package that best suits your situation and your needs.

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When should you travel to Senegal?

The best time to visit Senegal is from October to June.

Must-see places in Senegal

What to see in Dakar

Organize a stroll through the Senegalese capital to admire its must-see monuments, including the Grand Mosque inspired by the Rabat Mosque. Take a detour to the Presidential Palace, built on the seafront in the heart of tropical gardens. It was the residence of the governor of Dakar during the colonial era. Continue your stroll to the Town Hall, a handsome colonial building overlooking the port. The municipal premises and garden are open to the public. Nearby, the Corniche offers breathtaking views of the islands of Gorée and the Magdalen Islands.

Several other sites trace Dakar’s past. Located in the Bel Air district, near the Voile d’Or beach, the Bel Air Catholic cemetery features a war memorial commemorating the victims of the Senegalese rifle battalions of the First and Second World Wars. In the heart of the city, admire the Cathedral of African Remembrance, with its square decorated with African frescoes. Take the time to visit the Université Cheikh Anta Diop, the largest university in West Africa, which includes a campus, a university hospital, scientific buildings and the national school of health development.

For culture and art lovers, a visit to the Arte gallery on Avenue Abdoulaye Fafiga is a must on your Dakar cruise. This gallery presents permanent exhibitions of African arts and crafts, including paintings, sculptures and jewelry. Strolling along rue Mousse Diop, stop off at the Café des Arts, where several local painters exhibit their work. The Daniel Sorano national theater, where traditional and contemporary concerts and African ballets are often performed, is also on your itinerary.

Excursions around Dakar

If the duration of your Dakar cruise allows it, discover the island of Gorée, a place steeped in history and classified as a World Heritage Site. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, some 9 kilometers from Dakar, this small island recalls 350 years of slavery and the slave trade. The island boasts several museums, including the Maison des Esclaves, the Musée de la Femme and the Musée de la Mer. In the Maison des Esclaves, immerse yourself in the island’s tumultuous past as you discover the irons and chains to which the slaves were tied.

Another interesting excursion in the Dakar area is a visit to Lake Retba, some 49 kilometers from the city. This vast lake is impressive for its pink hue, which can change from blue to violet depending on the position of the sun.

Ponant’s Le Champlain takes you on an exceptional cruise to discover Senegal. This modern cruising yacht, named in honor of French explorer Samuel Champlain, drops anchor in the port of Dakar, which opens onto the Atlantic Ocean. Located on the Cape Verde peninsula, the port of Dakar is the main maritime entry point for visiting Senegal. It’s a fascinating city that has preserved its traditions.

During your cruise stopover in Dakar, immerse yourself in the local atmosphere by exploring the Medina on foot, where you’ll find numerous markets selling spices, fruit, incense, etc. Take a tour of the famous Tilène market, a typical African market with an area dedicated to witchcraft and animism, where medicinal herbs, seeds, powders, dried animals, bones and other powders are sold. You can also visit the lively Sandaga market, with its stalls selling colorful fabrics, handicrafts and food.

Travel insurance for Senegal

Don’t forget to purchase Senegal travel insurance to make the most of your trip. Mondassur offers you insurance tailored to your needs and situation at competitive prices.

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