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A considerable number of international students choose Senegal for their higher education. The country is renowned for its renowned universities, in particular the Université Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, which attracts students of many nationalities. The most popular specializations in Senegal include African studies, medicine, social sciences and, more recently, sustainable development.

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Don’t forget that living abroad requires special attention to your health. If you’re planning to study in Senegal, make sure you get the necessary vaccinations and take out the appropriate health insurance for international students. Request a free quote for your international student insurance today!

Student Insurance Senegal Student Backup

Cost-effective international health insurance for emergencies.



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Student Insurance Senegal Student Budget

Health insurance with a good cover/price ratio.



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Student Insurance Senegal Student Global

Our most comprehensive international health insurance.



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How to choose student insurance for Senegal?

Do I need health insurance to obtain my visa to study in Senegal?

If you’re planning to study in Senegal, you need to be aware of certain formalities involved in obtaining a visa. According to available information, European Union citizens are exempt from visa requirements for stays of less than three months in Senegal.
For a longer study stay, you will need to follow a specific procedure, with a complete academic file, including a handwritten application addressed to the Rector of the chosen university, a photocopy of transcripts and the baccalaureate, a birth certificate, a certificate of nationality… In addition, you will also need to bring a medical file including vaccination against yellow fever and a international health insurance certificate!
The visa application procedure can include online submission of the necessary information followed by a visit to the embassy or consulate for digital photo and fingerprinting. Please note that these requirements may vary depending on your country of origin. In general, however, a visa and proof of health insurance are essential for foreign students in Senegal.

Can I benefit from CMU as a foreign student in Senegal?

Senegal has a public health system called Couverture Maladie Universelle (CMU), designed to offer health protection to all Senegalese citizens. However, for foreign students, membership of this system is not automatic. They must reside in Senegal for a minimum period before they can potentially benefit from CMU. In the meantime, they don’t have to go without medical cover: they can join student mutual insurance companies, which charge a fee and may not offer full coverage. A more advantageous option for foreign students is to take out international student health insurance. This alternative is often more economical and offers access to healthcare, both in the public and private sectors, thus guaranteeing full health protection during their stay in Senegal.

Health insurance for foreign students in Senegal

As an international student, choosing the right health insurance is crucial to your stay in Senegal. Mondassur understands these needs and offers GoldStudent insurance, specially designed to provide comprehensive and affordable coverage.
GoldStudent not only covers your healthcare needs in Senegal, but also adapts to your travels, ensuring protection wherever you are. This insurance offers you 24-hour assistance, essential in case of emergency or need for medical advice at any time. What’s more, civil liability is included, which is essential for your legal security during your stay.
Repatriation assistance is another key GoldStudent benefit, guaranteeing your safe return in the event of major medical necessity. Goldstudent cover allows students from all backgrounds to benefit from quality insurance without compromising their budget.

How much does health insurance for international students in Senegal cost?

As a foreign student, you will probably have to pay a contribution to benefit from CMU, but this option offers incomplete coverage and requires a long period of residence. International student insurance, on the other hand, provides comprehensive protection from the very first euro spent. Although the cost of living is reasonable in Senegal, healthcare and insurance can be inadequate. However, GoldStudent is designed for student budgets, offering cover that can be customized according to the student’s needs, length of stay and age. Conversely, choosing local health insurance in Senegal can be more expensive, with limited cover, complex administrative procedures, restrictions and waiting times. For coverage tailored to your needs, get a free quote for your international student insurance!

How can I be insured as a foreign student in Senegal?

To be insured as a foreign student in Senegal, follow these simple steps:
– Determine whether you need coverage for routine care, hospitalization, or only in case of emergency. Don’t forget repatriation assistance.
– Opt for international health insurance tailored to students. Options range from BackUp cover to a Global package with a €250,000 ceiling.
– Get a free quote for your international student insurance, compare options and purchase the one that best suits your needs and budget.
– If in doubt, contact our advisors for more information and to help you choose the best option.
Make sure you finalize your insurance before you leave for Senegal, so you’re covered from the moment you arrive.

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