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Thank you for taking 2 minutes to leave a review on Mondassur. Most of these reviews testify to the professionalism and responsiveness of our team and the quality of our services. You can find these reviews on Google. Here are a few examples of customer reviews on Mondassur:

“I have just purchased their medical insurance for my move to France next month. So far – the team have been professional, friendly – and their English is amazing! Customer service at its best – understanding my requirements and helping me with my visa process. Best rates too”


“They are very customer focused, it only took me 3 hours to choose the most appropriate option on a site until I got the insurance certificate. I would recommend this insurance provider to anyone who needs an excellent service”


“Excellent communication, a real plus when you live on the other side of the world.”

Thank you very much for your trust!

What is a customer review?

A customer review is feedback from a customer about their satisfaction with a product, service or store.
You will find several forms of reviews:

  • Rating stars
  • Comments
  • Feedback on social networks
  • There is also an offline form with satisfaction surveys

These evaluation systems can be combined with each other.

Why leave a customer review?

Leaving a customer review has a double impact:

  • This practice allows everyone to have their say: give their point of view on the service or product, talk about their experience with the company. It informs the other buyers of the customer service, while making it possible to improve the service or the product if necessary
  • Also to motivate the team. Positive reviews are always a source of motivation for the team as there is recognition of the work and commitment provided.

A question worth asking: should we believe the reviews we read on the Internet? Many people take into consideration the opinions left by certain Internet users when making a choice: for a purchase, for booking a restaurant, for registering for a driving school, for going on holiday, etc.

Fraudulent practices concerning online reviews

The Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) reports on illegal practices concerning online reviews:

  • Negative reviews are deleted in full or in part
  • Positive reviews are published much more quickly than negative reviews
  • False reviews are written by professionals

An increasingly common practice is that of false reviews. Indeed, there are :

  • False reviews, which may be positive reviews posted by the professional, his or her entourage or even a specialist agency (in communication)
  • Negative reviews written by competitors or other malicious people

How to recognise fake reviews on the Internet?

A company’s image is largely linked to its e-reputation, particularly through its customer reviews. However, some use them to damage the reputation of their competitors, and others to artificially improve their image.
There are different types of fake reviews that can damage a company’s reputation. Here are some tips to try and distinguish the real from the fake, bearing in mind that these are only indicators and it is always difficult to distinguish precisely:

  • Short reviews, with no explanation of the customer experience
  • Reviews published over a short period of time, whereas previous publications were more spaced out in time
  • Similar reviews, published one after the other, with a similar turn of phrase. They are usually written by the same person
  • Too many reviews written in a more “sustained” way than in real life. Indeed, real testimonials often contain spelling mistakes, direct and crude language, syntax errors…etc.
  • Reviews from competitors, written in a disparaging tone and generally advertising another site
  • Anonymous reviews, especially if all the “5-star” reviews on this site are published by anonymous authors or with a pseudonym

How should customer reviews be interpreted?

There are a number of reading tips to consider when interpreting customer reviews:

  • It is impossible for a company to have 5 stars on all reviews, perfection does not exist!
  • It is normal for there to be negative reviews because, in general, those who leave reviews are dissatisfied for various reasons, often totally independent of the service or product delivered
  • It can be interesting to ask the company directly for an explanation of a review in order to have both points of view

To sum up, online reviews are increasingly consulted to recommend or not a service or a product… But you have to keep in mind that people are more motivated to leave a negative review. It is also important to differentiate between the real and the fake, as fake online reviews are a common practice.

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