Meet Julie, Globe-trotter and Blogger!

Today we meet Julie from the blog Hors du Temps. She tells us all about her life as a globe-trotting blogger!


Hi Julie, would you like to introduce yourself?

Passionate about discovery and photography, I keep a blog ” ” where I share my photographs, cartographies and thoughts. After living in Paris for several years, I now live in Marseille, but I’m originally from Toulouse. I’m 26, and in “real life” I’m an engineer.

Your most beautiful trip?

My trip to Thailand in November/December 2015 is my most beautiful trip. No doubt because it’s the last “big” trip I’ve made. Probably because this is the first “big” trip I’ve planned (almost) on my own. But much further back, my trip to Greece with the college left me with lasting memories. Since then, I’ve been dreaming of revisiting the Greek temples.

Any difficulties encountered during your travels?

Generally speaking, I’m in good health. However, when I travel, I accumulate medical visits to local doctors. Illness and hospitalization in Germany, angina in Brazil, serious burns (not even from the sun) in Thailand… Benign mishaps that didn’t spoil my travels, but that encourage me to always make sure I have a valid adequate health coverage as soon as I set foot outside France!

Next destination, future travel plans?

Having just moved to Provence, I’m looking forward to discovering this beautiful region. And rediscover Rome under the January sun.

When you travel, you never leave home without…

…without a scarf. As I tend to catch cold quickly, a scarf is essential when out and about … especially in exotic countries with lots of air conditioning!

How did you come up with the idea of a travel blog?

I’ve been writing on my blog for many years. From a very “catch-all” blog, I moved towards a slightly less intimate space on the Internet when I started working. My blog allows me to “bring my photos to life” and keep a record of how I feel about my various outings, whether around the corner or on the other side of the world.

Any advice or tips for other travelers?

My advice to other travellers: enjoy the place you’re visiting without worrying too much about looking like a tourist! Don’t be afraid to take on attractions that have a bad reputation. In fact, they can be incredible! For example, Paris’s much-maligned bateau mouche offers the best view of the city!

The final word?

“Writing is tidying up the mess of your life”.

from Cédric Klapisch’s film Les Poupées Russes.

Thanks Julie! You can read all about her adventures on her blog Hors du Temps!

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