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Globe-trotter & Blog-trotter: the new generation of travelers

Young people are very inclined to leave their jobs if they no longer meet their expectations. Travel allows them to reflect on what they really want from a professional point of view. This generation favors travel as a way of strengthening their CVs: learning a new language, gaining more professional experience, studying in another country.

Who is this generation where travel is part of their lives? Young people are forged by their travels, and by their professional ambitions!


New generations and travel

Generation Z, the successor to Generation Y, was born in the digital age, with a smartphone in one hand and a global consciousness in the other. This generation sees the world not only as an interconnected network thanks to the Internet, but also as a mosaic of cultures to explore. For them, travel is not a luxury but an extension of their identity and an essential component of their education.

Unique and authentic

Today’s young people are breaking away from previous generations who demanded “all-inclusive vacations” by the sea. A trend is emerging in the type of travel sought by young people, who prefer adventure, few comforts, nature and long stays. These are no longer so-called “rest” trips/vacations, but rather a way of discovering the world around us.
The watchword is authenticity, to get as close as possible to the local culture and people when they visit. Authenticity for an out-of-the-ordinary journey and to feed blogs where content is everything!

How are social networks transforming travel and insurance interest?

Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and now TikTok, have become essential showcases for sharing adventures around the world, with a special mention for TikTok, which is radically transforming the way travel experiences are narrated. The short, dynamic and visually captivating videos on TikTok enable quick and deep immersion in unique experiences, broadening the horizon of travel narratives. This digital evolution invites travelers to explore far-flung destinations, arousing curiosity and the desire to discover the world. However, traveling abroad entails its share of uncertainties and risks, making it essential to take out appropriate health insurance. Medical coverage abroad guarantees peace of mind, by covering any medical concerns, allowing you to concentrate fully on exploring and discovering new cultures. Travel blogs, meanwhile, continue to evolve, moving from simple personal diaries to veritable sources of inspiration and practical guides for travelers in search of authenticity. Their diverse formats – in-depth articles, vlogs, podcasts, reels and TikTok clips – offer a wealth of content to suit all tastes, enriching the travel experience and underlining the importance of good preparation.

The Modern Traveler: An Influencer in His Own Right

In a hyper-connected world, young travelers are no longer limited to exploring new horizons; they’re documenting and sharing every aspect of their journey in real time. From a typical breakfast in a local café to the outfits chosen for an urban exploration, every detail is captured and shared. They divulge their favorite addresses, their unusual discoveries, but also their misadventures, making their stories both inspiring and authentic.

This constant sharing on social networks transforms the traveler into a true influencer, guiding the choices and preferences of his or her followers. The influence covers destinations, accommodations, must-see experiences and even travel precautions.

At the heart of these captivating stories, the importance of international medical coverage emerges as a recurring theme, especially when travelers share misadventures related to medical emergencies or travel mishaps.
At Mondassur, we understand that the unexpected is an integral part of the travel adventure. That’s why we emphasize the importance of taking out appropriate international health insurance. Whether it’s for emergency medical care, last-minute cancellations or lost luggage, being well insured means traveling with peace of mind.
Testimonials from travelers who have had to call on their insurance in an emergency offer a valuable perspective on the practical benefits of appropriate coverage. They show that travel insurance is more than just a precaution: it’s an essential pillar of travel planning, guaranteeing security and peace of mind whatever the destination.

For modern travelers, adventure begins with preparation. We’re here to support you every step of the way, with the best international health insurance solutions designed to meet your every need. Travel with Mondassur, travel with peace of mind.

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