Expatriate insurance in Romania

We advise you to prepare for your expatriation to Romania and take out insurance.

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The person who transfers to Romania has a series of interesting motives: the cost of life is accessible, the economic opportunity, in particular in the technological sector, its growth and the country offers a wealth of natural beauty. Furthermore, its geographical position in Eastern Europe is ideal for exploring the continent and expanding commercial activity. The presence of a dynamic European community also facilitates the adaptation and integration of new arrivals.

The private health system is set up if it is available and offers high quality assistance at my cost, attracting local residents who are fully insured internationally. Take out health insurance in Romania to avoid high medical costs !

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Choosing health insurance in Romania

For an expat in Romania, several health insurance options are available to ensure adequate coverage. Here are the main ones:

  • Public health insurance: Romania has a public health insurance system financed by contributions from workers and employers. Expats working and paying contributions in Romania are generally eligible for this program, which covers part of their medical, hospital and pharmaceutical expenses.
  • Local private health insurance: For those looking for more comprehensive coverage or quicker access to medical services, private health insurance is a popular option. These insurances often offer additional benefits, such as reduced wait times for medical appointments and procedures, but coverage is limited geographically and the limits are often not high enough.
  • International Health Insurance for expats: Particularly suitable for expats who travel frequently or who want coverage across multiple countries, international health coverage can offer protection around the world, including Romania. It is highly flexible and offers special coverage, such as repatriation for medical reasons.

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How can I find work as an expat in Romania?

Start looking for opportunities on websites that specialize in expat jobs, such as JobsinBucharest or Europe Language Jobs. Fluency in English is often required, and knowledge of Romanian can be a considerable advantage. Industries such as IT, customer service and foreign language teaching are particularly open to expats. If you are not an EU citizen, you must have a work permit. Furthermore, insurance coverage is mandatory if you want to work in Romania. Among these is health insurance, which is typically covered by social security contributions deducted directly from your salary. To ensure a smooth hiring process, it is also advisable to familiarize yourself with local cultural practices and specific legal requirements related to hiring.

How can I find accommodation as an expat in Romania?

Finding accommodation as an expat in Romania requires good planning and some local knowledge. The range of options is very wide and includes apartments in the city center and houses on the outskirts. Major cities such as Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara offer homes that combine historic charm with modernity. Start your search through local real estate platforms, expat forums and agencies dedicated to assisting foreigners. For greater flexibility when moving, short-term rentals can be an attractive option, allowing you to explore different areas without any long-term commitment.

Rental costs vary greatly depending on the location and type of accommodation. For example, rents in Bucharest are much higher than in small cities and rural areas. Typically, a comfortable two-bedroom apartment can be rented for less than 4,600 Leu per month. This amount may seem high, so try to optimize your expenses, in particular by taking out health insurance for expatriates, which can represent a significant saving on medical expenses. So, with the right planning, moving to Romania can be a rewarding and financially beneficial experience.

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