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Are you planning a trip, studying abroad or moving abroad? The number of international students, travellers and expatriates is constantly increasing (we put in brackets the years related to the Covid-19 which blur many benchmarks … We help you prepare your plan to stay abroad. Find all our tips for organising your departure abroad: red tape to go abroad such as visas, practical life, must-see places. Mondassur goes with you specifically to find the best international health insurance by comparing for you the guarantees and rates of many insurances depending on your destination country.

Find a lot of information by country by continent: Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania.


Which health system per country?

Selon le pays où vous allez vivre, étudier ou voyager, votre couverture santé peut être différente. Le Global Health Security Index ou GHS évalue les systèmes de santé de près de 200 pays dans le monde. Différents critères d’évaluation sont utilisés: infrastructures médicales, risques politiques, environnementaux, fragilité du système de santé public…etc.

La carte ci-dessus présente le niveau des infrastructures médicales qui permet de savoir si vous pourrez être soigné dans votre pays de destination pour tous problèmes de santé. Sinon il faudra pour certaines pathologies vous faire rapatrier dans un autre pays. Une assurance santé à l’étranger est indispensable pour les pays ne bénéficiant pas d’infrastructures médicales adaptées. Une assurance est aussi indispensable dans les autres pays tout simplement pour couvrir vos frais médicaux puisque vous n’êtes plus dans votre pays d’origine où vous bénéficiez d’une couverture santé. Vous pouvez être ruiné par un problème de santé dans des pays comme par exemple les Etats-Unis, le Canada, Singapour, la Chine. Les tarifs médicaux peuvent être très élevés. Une assurance santé pour l’étranger couvrira vos frais de santé. On ne parle pas d’une consultation ou d’un médicament mais on parle ici de VRAIS problèmes de santé, notamment de maladies infectieuses, de maladies redoutées ou de traumatologies suite à des accidents de la route ou de la vie impliquant une hospitalisation avec des frais de santé bien au delà de 50.000€ et beaucoup plus.

Moving abroad

Why go and live abroad? Job opportunities, attractions of a country or culture, love, personal challenge or political reasons.
Where to go? The possibilities are endless. It should be noted that the most economically dynamic countries attract expatriates more easily. This is the case for many Asian countries: China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand. It is true that difficulties in obtaining visas in some countries such as the United States or Japan can dampen the desire to emigrate. However, these countries remain popular destinations, rich in opportunities. Moreover, the African continent and Latin America are not left behind. Indeed, countries such as Senegal, Brazil or Chile are very frequent destinations that attract multinational companies.

You will be able to better understand the specifics of local health systems, and on the other hand to identify the essential criteria to be taken into account in the choice of your international expat insurance.

Studying abroad

Why study abroad? Universities are increasingly having exchange partnerships for their students. Mastering a foreign language has become a skill in the labour market, across all sectors of activity. It is an asset that reflects a greater open-mindedness Thus, doing an internship abroad or doing a university exchange is a plus for a student’s future career.

Where to go? The number one priority for a majority of students wishing to get an erasmus abroad is to improve their level of English. For example, destinations such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom (to a lesser extent since Brexit…) or Australia in Oceania are very popular.
As such, it should be noted that for the United States, the medical insurance required by American universities is a very important point. It must meet a high number of criteria such as hospital management, routine medicine and repatriation. Mondassur offers student insurance in the USA that meets the expectations of 98% of the more than 4,000 American universities.
Asian countries (China, South Korea, etc.) also get a special place among students wishing to find an internship abroad or continue their studies.

Mondassur offers different international student insurance packages. They adapt according to your country of origin, your destination, the length of your stay and the objective of your stay: to study or do an internship or a summer job.

Travelling abroad

Why travel abroad? Whether it’s a month-long road trip or a summer vacation with your family, everything is good for discovering new cultures and landscapes. We advise you on the best times to leave, the cities to see absolutely and the essential steps before leaving as the purchase of travel insurance.

We help you compare the offer of travel insurance, so that you get a contract with guarantees tailored to your type of stay (individual traveler, organized trip) depending on the destination and accessible medical facilities for a traveller.

Choosing appropriate international medical insurance

The team of Mondassur, specialist in international health insurance for more than 15 years, advises you on the best insurance for abroad and compares the bestexpat insurance or travel insurance contracts according to your budget,the length of your stay, your situation and the desired guarantees.

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