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Ranking of most-visited cities in 2024

Each year, Mastercard’s ranking of the most visited cities offers a fascinating insight into global travel trends. Despite the disruption caused by global events such as the Covid-19 crisis, some cities continue to top the list of destinations favored by international travelers.

In 2024, Bangkok once again established itself as the number one destination, attracting over 22 million international visitors. The Thai capital is closely followed by Paris, with 19.10 million visitors, taking second place from London, which welcomed 19.09 million. These figures testify not only to the enduring appeal of these metropolises, but also to the resilience and evolution of the global tourism sector.


What attracts tourists around the world?

In 2023, the international tourism sector recorded a significant recovery, reaching 80% of its pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter. This trend continued throughout the year, with a projection of almost 90% of these levels by the end of the year. The Middle East performed exceptionally well, outperforming its 2019 figures, thanks in part to visa facilitation measures and the hosting of major events. Europe and Africa also recorded robust recoveries, with arrivals close to or equivalent to pre-pandemic levels.
The rankings also reveal interesting information about travel motives and expenditure. With the exception of Shanghai, where business travel predominates, tourism remains the main reason for visiting the major cities. Paris stands out in particular for its high tourist consumption, surpassing London in terms of shopping spend, not least due to the effects of Brexit.
The Asia-Pacific region, with five cities in the top 10 most-visited destinations, underlines the growing importance of international tourism in this area. Bangkok, in particular, offers a wide range of attractions, from idyllic beaches to floating markets and iconic cultural sites.

Dubai: tourism booming

Dubai, meanwhile, continues to attract attention as a flagship destination, with ambitious goals to become the tourism capital of the world. Its status as the “shopping capital of the Middle East” and its development projects bear witness to its growing appeal.

Is it really essential to take out travel insurance?

Against this backdrop of recovery and growth in global tourism, traveler safety remains an absolute priority. Mondassur, with over 15 years’ experience in travel and expatriate insurance, emphasizes the importance of coverage tailored to each type of traveler, whether students, trainees, workers or families on the move.
Our international health insurance packages, from the most accessible to the most comprehensive, ensure that every traveler can explore the world with peace of mind. Whether you’re planning a Bangkok getaway, a Parisian adventure or an immersion in the dynamism of Dubai, Mondassur is with you every step of the way with tailor-made solutions.

Clearly, travel insurance is essential. It goes far beyond a simple formality and is crucial to safe travel, protecting you from the unexpected and making your trip safer and more rewarding.

What kind of cover is required for tourist health insurance?

For travel health insurance, the guarantees required to ensure comprehensive coverage include :
– Emergency and accident cover: This cover is essential to deal with any unexpected incident requiring immediate intervention, ensuring prompt care in the event of an accident or sudden health problem.
– Hospitalization and general medical care: Provides reimbursement of medical expenses incurred for hospital care as well as general medicine, protecting you against unforeseen health-related expenses.
– Maternity cover, if required: Provides coverage for pregnancy and childbirth-related care, which is particularly important for pregnant women traveling.
– Pharmaceutical expenses: Reimburses the cost of medicines prescribed by a doctor, essential for the treatment of serious medical conditions during the trip.
Repatriation assistance: In the event of serious illness or accident, this benefit covers the cost of return to the country of origin or transfer to an appropriate medical facility.
– Civil liability: Protects you against damage you may unintentionally cause to third parties, covering legal costs and compensation due.
– Coverage for loss, theft or destruction of baggage.
– Trip cancellation or modification: This coverage is crucial for recovering costs incurred in the event of cancellation or necessary modification of your trip due to unforeseen circumstances.
– Individual Protection: Provides coverage in the event of death or permanent disability resulting from an accident while traveling, providing additional financial security for you and your loved ones.
The ranking of the most-visited cities in 2024 highlights global tourism trends and the growing importance of diverse destinations. With Mondassur, you can be sure of safe travel, whatever your destination. Discover ourtravel insurance packages and discover the world with confidence.

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