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Visas and Health in Mauritius

  Mauritius has one of the most competitive economies in Africa. It enjoys a good investment climate, governance that is considered sufficiently transparent and a great deal of economic freedom. Added to this, an idyllic setting made up of sandy beaches and blue lagoon water, all reasons to consider doing an internship in Mauritius,to move […]


South Africa

Going to South Africa | Travelling to South Africa Political regime: Republic Capital: Cape Town Area:1,219,912 sq km Population: 57 million Languages spoken: Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu, northern sotho (Sepedi), sesotho, setswana, siSwati, tshivenda, xitsonga. Currency: Rand Your World Travel InsuranceYour expatriation insurance World From $87Super contractImmediate subscription24-hour platform Vaccine and health Compulsory vaccines [...] More

Living in South Africa and Expat Insurance

South Africa is a cosmopolitan country with a population of about 57 million. Many expatriate communities (Belgians, French, Germans, Dutch, African refugees from other countries on the continent etc.) reside there. We have gathered some tips to prepare your expatriation in South Africa and to understand your future daily life on the spot. Apart from […]


Travel and Expatriation in Oceania

Going on a road trip to Australia? A university exchange in New Zealand? Or do you go abroad or make a PVT in one of these two countries? Be aware that in Oceania, medical expenses are quickly very expensive in private medical centres, and the ceilings of social security reimbursements are never related to this […]


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