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Should I take a Vietnam insurance?

The answer is yes. Vietnam is one of the countries where we strongly advise all travelers and expatriates to purchase an international health insurance. As a traveler or resident in Vietnam, you will not be entitled to the Vietnamese social security scheme and therefore must absolutely subscribe to international health coverage. If you are an expatriate in Vietnam, we also strongly advise you to subscribe. This will allow you to have access to better care, better reimbursements, repatriation insurance and civil liability for you and to cover your family in Vietnam.

Do not hesitate to contact the international insurance experts of Mondassur to get a free and personalized quote for a health insurance in Vietnam.

Understand everything about the health system in Vietnam

The Vietnamese social security system was introduced very recently and has many flaws that need to be filled with pre-existing private international health insurance. Two types of health insurance are managed today by a single national fund: the VSS.

- Compulsory health insurance applies to all workers with a contract of indefinite duration or of more than three months. It also addresses some twenty other categories of insured with the aim of making it universal. They include: children, poor people, students, students, people over 90, war veterans, etc.

- Voluntary health insurance applies to persons who are not covered by the compulsory scheme. For example, self-employed and informal workers.

Although 80% of the population benefits today, coverage of health insurance in Vietnam remains limited. Indeed, it now finances only a quarter of beneficiaries' health expenditure.

That's why buying private insurance for Vietnam offering health insurance in private and public institutions, in other Asian countries and in your home country will allow you to be better covered for a more interesting amount.

It is the contributions of the employers, the employees and the Vietnamese State which provide the financing of the health insurance. Only 40% of the Vietnamese population is insured. Vietnam has for several years been leading a campaign to expand social protection across the country. Specific insurance for the poorest children has also been put in place by the state.

Contribute to health insurance in Vietnam

Membership is free for children up to 6 years old.
For the rest of the population, the contribution amounts to 4.5% of the remuneration. Generally supported by the employer up to 3% and by the employee up to 1.5%.
If you are an expatriate employee in Vietnam you must also contribute to the compulsory health insurance. But as seen previously, this one covers only a quarter of your medical expenses. It is therefore recommended to also take out additional health insurance Vietnam to cover your family abroad.

Public hospitals and private hospitals in Vietnam

The number of hospitals is not enough in relation to the Vietnamese population density. The occupancy rate of public hospitals can reach up to 250% of their capacity. These surcharges are also added to obsolete equipment, and sometimes to a lack of training and experience of caregivers.
It should also be noted that the distribution of health centers is very uneven between urban and rural areas. This slows down considerably the care of the inhabitants of the rural areas.
For your comfort, Mondassur has forged partnerships with large private hospitals in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang to offer you faster and more efficient care.
It is generally recommended to go to private hospitals and clinics that meet international standards. But they have higher fees than public ones, hence the importance of taking out additional health insurance.

Security risks in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with a low criminal and criminal risk. Scams and petty crime are nevertheless increasingly present in major cities. It is therefore advisable to observe the usual precautions such as not exposing one's wealth and paying attention to one's papers. The Vietnamese climate is to be taken into account during a trip. This very hot and humid can be devastating especially during monsoon periods where landslides or floods can occur. Be careful if you take a boat to go through Halong bay. It is advisable to choose a carrier because accidents and collisions occur regularly. Finally, beware of the medicines you carry with you, the legislation in force in the country is very strict.

Health risks in Vietnam


AIDS is a disease present in Vietnam. It is therefore very important to protect yourself, to be cautious and to avoid any risky situation.

The dengue

Disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes, dengue is like a big flu. No preventive medicine exists at the moment, so it is recommended to avoid mosquitoes and to take care of Paracetamol as a first necessity. Aspirin is to be banned totally so as not to aggravate the situation.

Japanese encephalitis

Transmitted by mosquitoes, this disease is only active in the countries of Southeast Asia. If contaminations are rare, they can have very serious consequences since encephalitis is a disease that affects the nervous system. In case of a large stay in rural areas, it is strongly recommended to get vaccinated beforehand.

The flu

Each year, Vietnam identifies several cases of H1N1 and bird flu. Depending on the case, the disease can be very serious or even fatal. To avoid danger, remember to avoid cage fowl in the cities and wash your hands as often as possible. In case of doubt of transmission: consult a doctor immediately!

Foot-hand-mouth syndrome

Infantile disease making every year several thousand patients in Vietnam, the hand-foot-foot syndrome attacks mostly children under 10 years. If you notice fevers, rashes and mucous membranes in your children, see a doctor.


Cases of malaria are common in Vietnam and it is recommended to contact your doctor before leaving to consider treatment over the length of stay. It will often be necessary to continue this treatment several weeks after the end of the trip. In case of severe fevers during your stay, consult a doctor immediately.
Recommended vaccines

The Institut Pasteur recommends updating your hepatitis A vaccine.

For extended stays, vaccines against hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis, rabies and typhoid are also recommended.

Ask your doctor for advice, which will direct you to the most appropriate care for your situation. In fact, vaccinations differ according to your place of stay and its duration.
These vaccinations may require several injections spaced in time, think ahead.

GoldExpat insurance for your expatriation in Vietnam

In order to assist you in your expatriation in Vietnam, Mondassur offers you GoldExpat, the ideal Vietnam insurance for expatriates. GoldExpat covers :

Hospitalization at 100% of actual costs

The hospitalization must be reimbursed at 100% of the real costs incurred, it is a real necessity for a Vietnam insurance. The costs of hospitalization in Vietnam are high, it is essential that you are 100% covered in case of accident.

Taking charge of civil liability

Being covered is one thing, but being covered for the damage on others is another! Imagine that you caused material damage in Hanoi. Your care will obviously be taken care of. But if you do not have a personal liability in your Vietnam insurance, then the fees to be paid to this third person will not be covered by your insurance and you risk getting into debt heavily!

Assumption of responsibility for repatriation

There are many cases or medical situations where repatriation to the country of origin is mandatory or highly recommended. Where the Vietnamese social security system will never allow repatriation, private health insurance can allow you to return to your country for treatment.

In all these situations and many others, the Vietnam GoldExpat insurance covers you and guarantees you immediate care for a very reasonable price.


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