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The Spanish government spends around 10% of its GDP on health services. In Europe, Spain occupies the 6th position regarding the number of doctors, with about four doctors per 1000 inhabitants. Two systems co-exists and always more people choose the private health system in order to be better covered. What you need to know before going in Spain.

The public health system:

The majority of citizens have access to the public health insurance system called Insalud (Instituto Nacional de Gestion Sanitaria). Spanish Social Security doctors work for the National Institute of Health Management. They are not paid directly by the patient, which explains the homogeneity of the consultation fees.

Dental and optical cares are not supported by Insalud. To be reimbursed, it is imperative to take out private insurance or complementary health insurance.

The public health system in Spain is highly decentralized, which leads to inequalities of services and waiting time becomes very long.

· The private health system:

- The mutual

The employee contributes to the Spanish Social Security and joins in parallel with a paying mutual. This mutual has its own network of hospitals, clinics and laboratories. Access to care is therefore faster than in the public system.

- Private insurance

In recent years, the private health insurance sector has expanded significantly. 15% of the population use the insurance as an alternative or complement to the public system. The insured can go to any doctor and any clinic. His/her care will be fully reimbursed according to the terms of the insurance contract.

Like other European systems, the Spanish health system is competent, but the waiting times can be very long.
If you are moving to Spain, it is strongly recommended that you take out an international health insurance that reimburses all your health expenses on actual costs, and allows you to choose your healthcare facility. Mondassur offers you an online free quote comparaison of different international health plans.

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