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Chile has become a privileged destination for expatriation thanks to its political stability, cultural diversity and friendly people. Here are some information that may be useful if you are planning to move to Chile.


- Language:

It is important to speak Spanish if you want to work in Chile. Only a minority of Chileans speak English. The official language is Spanish but with a very different accent. Some groups even continue to speak their ancestral languages.

- Work in Chile:

In general, Europeans find work easily because employers are very satisfied with their efficiency. Labor relations are much warmer than in Europe and opportunities for professional development are much more important.
We advise you to contact French associations to find a job. If you are planning to move abroad, aim for large multinationals to have a good salary.

- The cost of living:

The cost of living in Chile is equivalent to the cost of living in the French province. If you want to buy the same products as in Europe, the cost will be the same or higher than in France. It is more economical to buy local products. In the agricultural regions, the peasants sell on the roadsides their productions at much lower prices than in the city.

- Driving in Chile:

Chileans drive on the right side of the road. As in France, seat belts are mandatory at the front and back and the phone is not allowed when driving. As for the blood alcohol level, the tolerance is zero.
A parking is said "Estacionamiento" in Chile, so the letter "E" designates parking. Close the car windows and leave absolutely nothing in sight in the car because there are many thefts in Chile.

- Accommodation:

Prices will depend on your location. In some wealthy areas of the capital, rents can cost more than 700 euros for an entry-level apartment.

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