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You are planning to go to Hong Kong and you are wondering about the need for health insurance in this country? Mondassur informs you about the local healthcare system, and gives you the keys to make your own decision and to choose the most adapted insurance to your needs.


Generalities on the healthcare system

Hong Kong healthcare system is one of the best in the world. It has been ranked the most efficient healthcare system globally by the Bloomerg agency in 2018. And it was not the first time!

Hong Kong hospitals are home to ultra-modern equipments and to some of the best doctors in the world. The state also covers 90% of medical costs (or more) for its citizens, making healthcare very accessible. A proof of its success: life expectancy at birth in Hong Kong is the longest in the world!

The local health system is characterized by a central public system, promoting universal access to care as for the British National Health System (NHS) model. It is directly financed on the state’s revenues. Rather than offering health insurance to citizens – as is the case in France, the state directly subsidizes hospitals for 90% of fees that are set on an official fee schedule. Therefore, as an example, a citizen admitted to emergency cares will only pay HKD 100 (approximately € 12), corresponding to 10% of actual medical expenses.

While public hospitals cover the majority of the country healthcare, some operations can only be performed by private specialists. Private care is not subsidized and does not have a defined fee schedule. Healthcare prices in private hospitals are therefore incredibly high in comparison.

Hong Kong nationals therefore usually subscribe private insurances in order to cover their expenses in private hospitals.

Please note that public medical expenses are only reimbursed for local identity card holders. Thus, medical fees are ten times more expensive for travelers and expatriates than for permanent residents.

Medical fees for travelers and expats

Public healthcare for travelers and expatriates amounts to:

- For an emergency admission: HKD 1,140 (€130)

- For a specialized admission: from HKD 1,140 to 4,600 (€ 130 to 515) depending on the disease

- For a consultation with a general practitioner: HKD 410 (€ 46)

- For a consultation with a specialist: HKD 1,130 (€ 127)

Price for private healthcare varies widely. The average cost for hospitalization amounts from HKD 23,000 to 65,000 (€ 2,575 to 7,280), according to the French consultate.

Recommended vaccination

The French Pasteur Institute advises people traveling to Hong Kong to make sure to keep their Hepatitis A vaccines up to date. For long-term stays, those for Hepatitis B are also recommended.

If you are traveling to a rural or isolated area, please meet your doctor to ask if vaccinations against Japanese encephalitis, rabies and typhoid are needed.

Sanitary risks

Beware of air pollution in Hong Kong. Indeed, peaks and clouds of pollution are common. Therefore, we recommend that you check the level of air pollution daily on the web or on your phone. Apps for smartphones exist for this purpose. We also advise you to wear a face mask in case of heavy pollution.

Choose the insurance that cover your needs

Before you go to Hong Kong, consider subscribing an international health insurance to cover you in the event of a serious accident, illness or hospitalization, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact Mondassur experts for a free and personalized quote for health insurance in Hong Kong.

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