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All you need to know about health system before your trip in Italy.

• Organization of the health system:

In Italy, health services are provided by the National Health Service (SSN, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale).
The SSN is organized in the form of a network of regional and autonomous services (ASL, Local Health Agencies), which generates strong regional inequalities.
The southern regions of Italy are the least well-endowed in terms of quality of care and give rise to a form of medical tourism. Many Italians choose to seek treatment in the north of the country which greatly increases the waiting time.
Because of its strong decentralization, the Italian health system ranks 22nd in Europe according to the Euro Health Consumer Index, 11 ranks behind France.

• Health coverage:

The National Health Service gives all affiliates free access to basic medical care: general medicine, pediatrics, hospitalization, dental care, some prescription drugs...
However, you must go to an institution that is registered with the SSN to receive free medical care. The other health benefits (laboratory tests, prostheses, consultations with a large number of specialists ...) are only partially supported.

• Health coverage of expatriates in Italy:

Health costs in Italy depend on your nationality, your situation, and the length of your stay.
- You are European and live in Italy for less than a year:
You have the possibility to request the CEAM (European Health Insurance Card) before your departure.
- You are seconded to Italy by your employer:
You will continue to benefit from the social security of your country of origin

The Italian system is competent, but waiting times in the public sector are long because of the growing number of people to cover. Expatriates prefer the private sector, a consultation costs between 50 and 80 € with a GP and up to 150 € with a specialist.

It is therefore advisable to take out an international health insurance as of the 1st euro that allows you to benefit from a full coverage of your health expenses, and to freely choose your health care facility.


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