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Temporary stays in Canada

Visa exemption is possible for nationals of countries exempt from visa requirements. Travelers will still be required to apply for eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) on the official Government of Canada website. It is electronically linked to a traveler's passport that allows travel to Canada for up to 5 years. Attention, when you enter the territory, it is the border agent who will determine your right of entry into the country and the duration of the authorized stay. He will then rely on the documents you present him to justify your presence on Canadian soil.

The eTA costs C $ 7 per person per request. To obtain it you will need your passport, your credit card and a valid e-mail address. Be careful, check your passport number during and after your request. A transcription error on the eTA would lead to a refusal of transportation to Canada. Refer to the filling guide of the eTA to avoid any errors or omissions during your request.

Log on to the Canadian government website to apply for an eTA.
NB: France, Switzerland and Belgium are exempt from the visa requirement for Canada.

The study permit is obtained through the letter of acceptance from a designated educational institution (EED). You must also present your valid passport and residence permit (AVE or temporary visa). An attestation or proof of available funds will also be required. It will prove that you will be able to support yourself during your stay.
The duration listed on your registration certificate or letter of acceptance will allow the border agent to determine your authorized length of stay.

The work permit is related to a given job. It will determine the length of your stay according to the dates indicated on your employment contract, on the LMIA (Labor Market Impact Study) or on the CAQ (Quebec Certificate of Acceptance).
The open work permit is more expensive but not related to a particular job. It gives you more openness in your job search in Canada. Visit the CIC page to see if you qualify for this license.

If you are traveling to Canada for tourism purposes, the maximum length of stay allowed will be 6 months. Nevertheless, this duration is at the discretion of the border agent. Your spouse may limit your length of stay in Canada if he / she considers that your savings, as indicated on the certificate of funds available, will not be sufficient to cover your needs over the entire length of your intended stay.

Become a permanent resident in Canada

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