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China, a new Eldorado for expatriates?

With the policy of opening to a market economy, China's infrastructure has not been able to keep pace with very high economic activity and needs for foreign technology are very important.

Opportunities for potential expatriates are numerous: telecommunications, information technology, franchise ... Be careful, you must nevertheless be willing to work with a local contract at a  wage lower than your wage in France. By placing your wage in a local context with a low living cost, expatriates are generally well paid.

In China, there are officially about 21,000 French, among who 3000 work in 120 French companies based mostly in Shanghai.

What adaptation for an expat in China?

When you arrive in China, you will discover an opposite world where magazines are leafed through from right to left, where the color of mourning is not black but white.
Therefore, you need to be informed and well prepared before leaving. We recommend you  a minimum knowledge of Mandarin (official language), although English is growing, particularly in the business world.

How is the health system in China?

The Chinese health insurance includes the basic health insurance and the additional health insurance but it covers only a small part of the Chinese population. China has about 315 000 different hospitals and has 880,000 rural doctors and medical workers.

China began its economic reform program in the late 1970s and made progress in reforming its health insurance system, but serious problems have emerged in recent years.

The Chinese health care system remains too expensive for most people and coverage is far from complete. Discussions are now underway to determine the status of hospitals: private and profit-making or subsidized by the government. Statistics published by the Ministry of Health in a national survey on medical services show that 49% of Chinese citizens do not consult a doctor when they are sick, and 30% are not hospitalized when they should be because medical care costs too expensive. Citizens complain that medical care is not accessible and affordable. Given all the problems of the health system and the failure of past reforms, the Chinese government is now assessing new opportunities for improvement.

Given this situation, we strongly recommend that you take insurance for your expatriation in China or travel insurance for China. By requesting a free quote for an health insurance for China , you will enjoy your stay with an easy mind to be insured for the best care despite fragile system.



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