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Colombia has a sulphurous reputation because of assassination and terrorist attacks. However, the country's situation has changed significantly in recent years, the growing economy and tourism have made of Colombia the 3rd economic power of South America.

So, if you are planning to move to Colombia, these information may be useful.


Work in Colombia:

To find a job in Colombia, you must first translate your resume to Spanish. Job offers are available online on specialized sites and corporate websites. The Franco-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CDCCI) also offers French citizens a job search assistance service. You should also be dynamic and proactive, and do not hesitate to send follow-up emails after you’ve submitted your resume.

Education in Colombia:

Most of private schools in Colombia are run by religious organizations.
Several institutions provide French instruction in Colombia. The Louis Pasteur French High School in Bogota, the French High School in Pereira and Paul-Valery High School cover all sections, from kindergarten to high school.

Higher education in Colombia has two stages:

- "Pregrado", which includes: technical education, technological education and university vocational training.
- "Posgrado" holds: specializations, advanced or research masters, doctorates and post-doctorates.
Colombian universities are autonomous and offer different courses that meet the internationalization requirements.
In February 2010, France and Colombia signed a convention of mutual recognition of university degrees
There are now more than 90 dual degree programs and numerous cooperation programs with French higher education institutions.

The cost of living:

In Colombia, the cost of living is lower than in France.
You can spend 4 euros per day and per person if you use traditional local products. Public transport costs on average 0.50 euro per trip, and a 20 minute taxi ride will cost you about 2 euros.


Neighborhoods are divided into social layers numbered from 1 to 6, classes 1 and 2 often correspond to slums.
For security reasons, it is recommended to look for a house in 4-6 class neighborhood. You can easily find a 2-room apartment for 800 euros in Bogota or a very nice apartment with pool for 1500 € in Cartagena. The leases are for a minimum of one year, and landlords generally ask for a deposit that goes from 1 to 3 months’ rent or to take out an insurance that covers unpaid rent.

Driving license:

French citizens can drive during the first three months with an international driving license. Those wishing to settle in Colombia must have a Colombian driving license. This permit is issued by the Colombian Ministry of Transport after theoretical and practical evaluation. After that, the French license is no longer interchangeable.

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