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What international student insurance should I buy for my studies abroad or my internship abroad ?

Mondassur offers various International Student Insurance Plans that cover your medical expenses such as hospitalization, surgery, consultations, pharmacy or medical examinations as biological tests, MRIs, radios or other imaging medical procedures. This also includes additional benefits such as repatriation assistance in the country of origin, personal liability, legal assistance in the event of a trial abroad or baggage insurance.

How to choose my international student insurance?

Mondassur offers different international student insurance plans for your trip abroad depending on your situation and the country where you will study, travel or work. Use our online programme to get an immediate quote for your international student insurance :

Insurance for Study Abroad

 assurance étudiant international

Premium Access: This insurance plan offers the most comprehensive options with a simple formula Access including medical expenses and repatriation and a more comprehensive option Premium offering a higher coverage for medical expenses, personal liability, repatriation or individual accident. It is also well adapted for students in the United States and its high medical cost. We offer US hospitals to be reimbursed directly to the US, which speeds up your care.
Premium Extension USA: The insurance for international students in American universities demanding very high standards to ensure your health in the USA. Insurance is at least 2 to 3 times cheaper than insurance offered by American universities that you do not have to subscribe. To find out if our insurance meets the criteria of your university, contact our advisors who answer you during the day!

Student Travel Insurance

generation Y et voyages mondassur 

You are a student and you go traveling and sightseeing abroad? Again, even if your budget as a student is low for the trip, we strongly advise you not to save on your travel insurance because an accident or an urgent illness especially if you go to countries with medical infrastructure limited or high medical cost e. We suggest you to purchase your international student insurance directly online.

Working Holiday Insurance


This insurance is generally mandatory, if not strongly recommended, to be able to carry out a Working Holiday Program, or Work Holiday Permit or sometimes called Working Holiday Visa.

- In Argentina, South Korea, Hong Kong, Chile or Taiwan, the insurance certificate is required to build your visa application.
- In Canada or New Zealand, you must be able to provide proof of insurance when you go through customs. These controls are infrequent in New Zealand but are relatively common in Canada.
- In Australia, Japan or Russia, insurance is not compulsory but strongly recommended by embassies.
This travel insurance for the WHV is proving to be very important because you do not benefit any more any social cover when you are in PVT and often, the medical expenses abroad are very high.

If you are going to do a student internship abroad or study abroad, you certainly ask yourself the question or your parents ... to know how you will be covered for an illness abroad. Indeed it is essential to take a specific student insurance for your studies abroad or to benefit from a health cover during your internship in the whole world. You are not immune to an accident, a bad fall or an illness and if you avoid being ruined or your parents, you must protect yourself. That's why your school or university will generally require you to provide proof of student insurance. Take the time to study the solutions and take out your international student insurance before going abroad!

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