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This top-up insurance insures you worldwide with free choice of medical practitionners. Reimbursement is based on real costs.

3 options for this expatriate insurance:

  • Essential (basic coverage with limits per act for countries with low medical costs)
  • Comfort (coverage with good limits per act)
  • Premium (maximum coverage with high limits per act)

Direct coverage for hospitalization, insurance maintained after 65 years old upon express request. Maternity benefit without limit and medicaly assisted procreation. Benefits of this expatriate insurance are based on reimbursement of French Social Security.

If you do not benefit from the Caisse des Français à l'étranger (CFE)*, please read more about other international insurance plans.

For more information on expat health insurance, please contact us.

We will be happy to help you choose the best international health insurance according to country of origin, expatriation and birthdate.

* CFE is available for persons who have been living in France several years and now living abroad.

Expat Insurance Compared

Global limit
Outpatient medical treatment
Prescription drugs
Dental care
Dental prosthesis, orthodontics
Optical care
Other prosthesis
Repatriation, evacuation, personal liability
Detailed benefits and prices
MHI My Health Insurance CFE
Top-up insurance for persons covered by French Social Security. Possibililty to buy insurance until 70 years old.
More info
From 250.000€ to 1.500.000€, in option unlimited
100% actual costs
100% actual costs with limits per price and number of doctors'visits
100% actual costs
Optional. 100% real costs with limits per teeth and per year
Optional: 100% actual costs with limits/year
Optional: 100% actual costs max. 700€/year
100% actual costs with limits/year
100% actual costs unlimited
from 66 per month
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