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Looking for international health insurance?
We will help you make the right choice for the best expat healthcare insurance based on your situation, your needs and your budget.

How to choose the best expat health insurance ?

Choosing the right international health insurance depends on different criteria :

- Budget : how much money are you planning on investing to be well insured and get peace of mind ?

- Benefits: what are your needs in terms of health

- Family situation : do you want to insure yourself ? Do you have children ? Your spouse ? Family prices can be very interesting

- Destination : it is compulsory to have an insurance in the US and other countries, it is greatly recommended in other countries and gives you everywhere peace of mind

Expatriate insurance on the 1st euro

Mondassur international health insurance plans cover you from the 1st euro paid.

Different levels of coverage are offered and the following benefits are flexible:

- Hospitalisation
- Outpatient medicale care
- Maternity
- Assistance: Repatriation, medical transport ...
- Personal liability

Discover our different plans of expatriate health insurance :

GoldExpat Premium
GoldExpat Safe
GoldExpat Access
First Expat - 4 levels of coverage
MHI My Health

Expatriate insurance complement CFE

If you are French or worked in France, you also have the possibility to subscribe to the Caisse des Français from abroad which allows to ensure a continuity of your rights with Social Security. Read more on Mondassur top up expat insurance plans.
Subscription to an additional CFE is essential, especially if you are going abroad for a country where medical expenses are particularly high.
The reimbursements of the CFE are based on those of the French Social Security.

For more information on the CFE

France-EU Foreign Insurance

Are you a foreigner living in France? Mondassur covers you from the first euro spent.
You will be covered in France and worldwide with our health insurance for France for foreign expatriates.

Discover them now:

GoldImpat Access
GoldImpat Safe
GoldImpat Premium
Europe Access


Mondassur is an expert broker in international health insurance plans. Whether you are an individual or a company, we help you choose the most appropriate medical cover for your profile, your needs and the characteristics of your country of expatriation.

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