5 tips to keep in shape after the vacations

When you return from vacation, you look your best: fresh, rested and tanned, ready to face the return to everyday life. To ensure a smooth transition, here are 5 tips for staying in shape.


Focus on physical activity

Do you work in an office and don’t get muchopportunity to move around? As soon as you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and avoid the car for short journeys, so you can keep your figure!

Maintain a healthy diet

In summer, we prefer fresh, low-calorie foods such as fruit and salad, even if we allow ourselves more deviations than usual. Even if it’s not always easy at work, avoid wolfing down a sandwich and take your time eating. Don’t skip meals – you’ll put on weight!

Treat yourself to a corner of the world

To avoid getting depressed after a great vacation, create a space in your home where you can feel good and stop thinking about work. Take the time to decorate, put up photos and candles, and relax – you’ll feel almost as if you’re on vacation.

Sleep more

On vacation, it’s easier to sleep in and respect your nocturnal rhythm. When you get back from vacation, organize yourself so that you can go to bed early: prepare meals in advance, put off less urgent tasks until the weekend, don’t stay up all night watching TV – you’ll save time!

Be positive!

Life isn’t all work and family. On the street, smile at a child or a stranger; at work, take a break, drink a coffee or stretch out; at home, treat yourself to a relaxing bath or order some sushi. Life is made up of little pleasures, you just have to find them!

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