Travelling alone

Travelling alone means being free, going where you want, when you want, getting out of everyday life, being in front of yourself. This allows you not to be in a closed circle and to interact with the local population, beyond a simple hello. It is a real need for some,but it can also rhyme with fear and anguish. Leaving alone is booming, especially with the new generation Y, the explosion of the number of singles and low-cost tourism.

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According to the New York Times, 24 of the holidaymakers left alone in 2014 compared to only 9 in 2013.

Travelling alone has many virtues. According to psychiatrists, it is a “return to the original animality”, a discovery of oneself as well as acceptance of its limits. It pushes us to act as responsible and mature beings. Sometimes you need to put miles between your life and yourself to better understand and manage the situation.

It also allows you to be free of your movements, no more compromises or shouting for no important reason. You find a beautiful monument, it is beautiful and warm and you do not want to move, leaving alone allows you to stay for hours in front of this monument to dream and leave absolutely when you want!

Another great advantage of solo travel is that of encounters, rich in cultural differences. Indeed, when we leave alone we put ourselves in a position of openness, we surrender to others, we do not fear their gaze or their judgments. A “small social circle” is quickly created.

It is not necessary to leave alone to be an intrepid traveler. Just research the Forums, to avoid the simple side of things of the official tourist offices. On the spot just pay attention to yourself and your personal belongings, no need to become paranoid! Be aware of what’s around you and don’t show off your banknotes. You can also connect with local merchants. To meet people you can find a local association or club. It is also important to do activities, such as a simple windsurfing lesson. Of course there is also volunteering that will always be well received!

Then if there’s a problem don’t worry you have your travel insurance! 😉

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